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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Miami Heat

Ok... I'm blogging because it's too Hott outside. Lol. This is Miami heat and I'm not referring to any basketball either. Lol

Yeah.... The heat is different than at home. Something Furman has been saying to me all along. He's right. Who was I to doubt him? Lol. As soon as you open the door you get a big ass bear hug from the heat. I won't say slap because the heat just sticks to you lol. So bear hug it is. All in all I am enjoying my stay. Never doubted. My motherinlaw can cook like there is no tomorrow. Reminds me of my Aunt Bonnie. I need to get back into my training for MUD HERO (We Are At It Again) when I return anyways, so I'm going to enjoy the food. I just won't get ridiculous. Lol Trust me on that one.

The drive from Charlotte to Miami was nice. Furman did it all by himself. Oh yeah...to him it was nothing so I let him be. But since we were on a roll with our first leg of the trip making our stops at the Welcome Centers, we went ahead and stopped at the others just to get our pics.

We made a quick stop in Georgia too....to buy some Georgia Peaches from a stand at a gas station. Mmmm.

Within the first hour of arriving, Furman got right to work. Lol

But he'll be back in Miami in another month after we finish our MUD HERO so that he can handle some business and help mom out with some stuff.

Overall we haven't done too much. Too damn Hott. But, mom knew I wanted some mangos so we picked some mangos from the mango tree. Seriously.

I'm enjoying my stay very much. Feeling the love. (My son even checked up on me to make sure i'm ok) I thought I would feel a bit awkward staying in the house with her but I don't. After all we're married now. But seriously, she is making me feel right at home. Furman is an only child so I am definitely feeling like the daughter she never had. Oh...and she loves to feed you. Feed everyone actually. lol I couldn't live here, i'd be big as a house. And she does that Southern cooking too!! One morning she made salmon croquettes (this is not her recipe) especially for me because they had come up in conversation and I had never had them. Wasn't that sweet? In fact, Mom is reminding me very much of my own mother...pulling things out here and there for me to take home with us when we leave. lol Our car is going to be packed up when we leave. Good thing, is that Furman can always bring more stuff back when he returns from his next trip. We're going to make some Red Velvet cake before I leave too...because she knows I love it. Love her.

But yeah....I love Miami...because it gave me my husband!! I'm not the typical tourist to go hang out at South Beach and spend the day shopping for stuff I don't really need. lol Nope...that's not me. So, we've watched several movies on Netflix while hanging out at home with mom...away from the heat. Did I mention it's hot down here? Now I really understand why Miami Heat is the perfect name for a basketball team although I'm sure the heat they are referring to is the heat from the players. lol

Anyways, I am ready to start another day and I smell food!! lol (It comes through the vent and smacks you in your nose) Hope to visit a few special people before we leave but we'll see if they are available. Then, we'll head out on Friday since mom has to head back to work. Yup....we'll do our drive back up in a few legs just like we did coming down. We'll pick a place to stop for the night (Hmmm..where should that be?) and maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to see some special people on our way back up too, since we didn't make any special stops on our way down.

Hope everyone is having an awesome week.

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