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Monday, July 30, 2012

Immigration - No Problem!

Well...we're home safe and sound. I've just been too lazy to blog. Soo much to say so I'll have to do my best to cut it short.

Had an awesome week with my mother in law. Love her! So much like my own mom in many ways. lol I know she was soo happy to have us there. At one point in the week we all hit Walmart and I did what I promised to do for one of my friends/co-workers....took a photo of a Walmart shopper. I sure did. It kills me how people leave the house. I once thought that Walmart shopper photos I saw on the internet were doctored until I had my first experience seeing a Walmart shopper in Indiana. Yup...people really leave their homes to go shopping dressed like fools. Miami...was no exception. In fact, a popular thing I saw in Miami were people wearing silk bonnets over their hair. You know, the ones you would normally wear to bed to protect your hair. lol Oh yeah...people wore those out shopping too. The woman in this photo had a bonnet and I can't even tell you what else she was wearing so here is the photo. hahahahahaha

Our Drive Home:
We left Miami on Friday morning and headed for Fayetteville, North Carolina. I don't know how Furman packed up that car trunk like he did. lol On our way there we stopped in Walterboro, SC for gas and just happened to notice signs directing us to the Walterboro Army Air Field where there was a monument honoring the Tuskegee Airmen. You know we had to stop and check that out! I haven't even seen the movie Red Tails yet.

Then...as we continued heading to North Carolina we starting running into all these signs for South of the Border. They sure had enough. So you know we had to stop there too! What a nice tourist spot. They had everything and I had never even heard of the place. Love the sombrero. lol

With a good night sleep in Fayetteville after having a nice dinner with family and watching the boring olympic opening ceremonies, we were on our way home on the second leg of our return. (Thanks for the love to my new family members) First stop on the way home, Washington, DC. We planned a different route home from our way down purposely so we could stop in DC and visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and another state rest stop. lol Took some great photos. Here are a few.

Oh..and we also learned that GPS' get confused too. hahaha I don't know if there was interference because of the Pentagon and the White House or what...but our GPS had no issues the entire trip with the exception of DC. I'd say she got right confused and we couldn't wait to get out after driving in circles a few times. lol Driving is crazy out there and the heat. OMG! I have to tell you about the damn heat. It was soo hott that the sweat just literally dripped from your body as you walked. Everyone was trying to steal shade. Furman figures its because of the materials the monuments are made of that were reflecting the heat.

The Maryland Welcome Center at South Mountain that we stopped at didn't have a proper sign like the other centers so we got a photo from this. lol Tried to find any marker that said Maryland.

Crossing The Border/Immigration:
After the GPS brought us home through what seemed like no mans land, (No seriously..we actually drove through the Allegheny National Forest) we finally reached the American/Canadian Border. We decided we'd cross at the Rainbow Bridge instead of the Peace Bridge specifically because our previous interactions had been with the agents in Niagara. Thank God, we didn't have any trouble. I think Furman's Visitor Record in his passport really helped. They asked the standard questions while leaving out a few that we were used to. How long have you been gone and where? When will the American be going home? What are you bringing back to Canada? But they almost threw us off with the question about what we had in the car that might be staying in Canada? Huh? We told them nothing. Seemed the best answer to give without getting into trouble. After all, we really didn't bring a whole lot of Furmans things back, Yet! So..she let us go! Woo hoo...back in Canada with no stress.

On Sunday before dropping off the rental car we finally got our butts back in church. It had been a while. It was sooo nice to be home with our usual seats vacant and waiting for us. Our church family let us know right away that we were missed and were happy to see us return. Thanks to the ladies of my prayer group I didn't have a lot of questions to answer, they already knew and had been praying. Lots of hugs came our way. I love my church family. Service was lovely as usual with selected songs and messages that seemed to be meant specifically for me. Amazing how God works. Even Furmans mom said her church service on Sunday seemed to be meant for me. lol "Read Psalms 68 & 70" she says for me to do. I sure will.

After dropping off the rental car we headed directly to Canada's Wonderland. Furman had bought us all seasons passes a while ago that we hadn't yet used. Anyone need a seasons pass? We went in and went straight for our chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. Then we tried the new ride...Leviathan. OMG! I swear I had a concussion from the rollercoaster. And, of course, we had our funnel cake. It was nice that a good friend of mine met us at Wonderland with her family to have some fun for a few hours too. Her son had us getting back on the rides just when we thought we were done. lol Love you girl! Thank you guys for coming out.


Sooo...back at work tomorrow. Can't say yay. Today was definitely a chill out day that has gone wayy too fast. We spent the time getting caught up on our shows and watching some olympics. Now...I'm trying to blog before I have wayy too many things to say that I have to simplify. hahaha  Overall, I had an awesome week and look forward to my next vacation already. Haven't heard anything from Immigration yet but hopefully it will be soon, like before Furman heads back to Miami for an extended vacation.

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