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Friday, July 13, 2012

Sometimes Strangers Care

Always love Fridays!
Looking forward to my last weekend before heading off on our Rooooaaaddd Trriiipppp! lol

Got a variety of things to do...it's just what to choose.  One thing I know for sure...it might be a good idea to make an appearance at church. lol  Especially after last night.

I hate missing church. I really do. It took me years to find a church that I absolutely love. A church that welcomed me and my family and made us a part of their family. I've grown up. I realized that when I started thinking about moving and my main concern was wanting to be somewhere accessible to my church Cedarview Community Church. Really? Yeah. Who would have imagined? Like I said, I tried to find a home church for years. There was one church I went to that was quite a distance from my house but that I really enjoyed, Rhema Christian Ministries This church was growing very fast. Probably too fast. I had submitted the welcome card a few times to request a follow up call to provide me with more info on their services, programs, etc for myself and my kids. Both times, got no word. I wondered, why give people a card to fill out for more information if you aren't going to give it to them? So....at the suggestion of a dear friend...I moved right along. He figured that I needed to find a home church in my vicinity and gave me a name. So I checked it out and the rest is history. Thank you dear friend. I love it. I love the people. I love the programs. They are family. That, was very evident last evening when I got a banging at my door that almost sounded like police. lmao

In the middle of a wonderful meal (my husband is getting very very good) and watching our Young and the Restless, the knocking came. Instantly we hit pause and looked at each other wondering WTH? When I went to answer, a spanish lady from my church and Ladies Prayer Group was at the door. She had been looking for my car in the driveway for days she told me, so she could check up on me and make sure everything was ok. This, is because we haven't been seen for weeks. Now don't get me wrong...we weren't just skipping church....we actually had things planned as you can probably gather from my previous blogs about what we had been doing. But this weekend, is ours. So, we gotta make an appearance and let everyone know all is well. It's a wonderful feeling to be missed. Sometimes strangers care. Now let me point out that my hubby and I usually sit in the same seats every week at church which is right in the front. lmao So, it's pretty hard not to notice that we aren't there. And, we are of color where our church is primarily not. That's a factor too. Either way...I felt very blessed that this lady took time out of her evening to let us know that we were missed and make sure that everything is ok. That's how God works. He knows exactly how to give you a message. I'm sure he put it in her heart to do what she did and she listened. Thank you.

Well, aside from church we have our Ladies Prayer Breakfast Group BBQ that I hadn't officially confirmed that we were going to attend. I'm thinking...after this unexpected visit, that we should definitely be there on Saturday. What do you think? Of course, we can't forget that we have to finish off mom's balcony sometime this weekend too.

Anyways, before I close I wanted to bring mention to a new blogger LQQKING AT MYSELF. Like I mentioned on Facebook when I shared the link, I'm taking a bit of credit for inspiring this person, one of my readers. This is exactly what blogs are for, to help someone else by sharing. Clearly from what I read in her first post, she has plenty to share that can inspire others while helping herself during her weight loss journey. Much love and encouragement sent your way as you share the good, bad and the ugly my dear. Prayers out to you for continued success and much congratulations for what you have accomplished thus far.

One of my favorite songs. RIP Michael Jackson. I shared this song for different reasons that I will not elaborate on. It always brings a tear to my eye. Seriously. lol I'm a bit overly sensitive at times. I can cry at a commercial. hahahaha  But I love this song. Hope it means something to you even if its just a small reminder that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Something that a simple visit from a stranger reminded me.

Sometimes strangers care!
My family and I are blessed.

God Bless and have an awesome weekend.

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  1. How nice of them to check on you:) I'll go now and look at the other blog you mentioned.


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