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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1st Canada Day Weekend

Well, we completed Furman's 1st Canada Day Weekend and had an absolute BLAST!

Thanks soo much to a dear friend and her family for making it so.

I've always wanted to say this ... "we went up to the cottage". Lol. No but seriously, we did. We were literally "true north strong and free".

We started our weekend at Head Lake where I lived to tell you about it after a totally WICKED tube ride on Saturday. Lol. OMG....I can't wait to find a pic to share. (There is video because you know Furman had his helmet cam again) First, let me tell you about the Mosquitos. You really gotta see the size of them at Head Lake. They were ridonculous! Lol We arrived at Head Lake just as the Mosquitos were coming out....I mean really coming out! I had to laugh because with Furman having been in the military for so many years he was used to Mosquitos and all kinds of other bugs but even he had to comment on the size of the damn Mosquitos. Too funny! Oh, but it was even funnier when he went for a run on Saturday morning followed by a swarm of horseflies that he only really saw once the sun was behind him. If only he had a photo of the shadow created by the swarm. lol

After an awesome breakfast on Saturday we got out onto the lake. It was real cool because we went out there with my friend and her family and joined two other boats from the nearby cottages. We created (I know there is a name for it) a party in the middle of the lake. The photo shared is not us but just to give you an idea. It was soo much fun. Diving off the boats into the water into the lake and nearby river. But...that wasn't until after we went on our first water tubing ride. That...was the shit!  OMG!  I can't even tell you how WICKED the experience was on that water tube being pulled by the boat.
 Oh...but the real ride was on our way back to the cottage when only Furman and myself were sitting on each end and my girl was in the boat with the video camera. Her brother was trying to make sure we had the time of our lives and I can tell you that I sure did. The boat was throwing us around on the lake like rag dolls. lol After being tossed around a bit I said to Furman "I think he is trying to make us tip" lol  No sooner did I say that did I flip. It happened soo fast that I can honestly say that I really and truly didn't know what hit me. I flew off soo fast and into the water that I knew that when I reached the surface that I had to hold up my hand to let everyone know that I was safe. Have you ever seen anyone on tv get sucked out of an airplane? Man oh man! That was me being sucked off the tube and into the water. hahaha Furman will have to go through the tape and see what was caught on it so we have some pics. Trust me...my telling you about it doesn't do it any justice. Even my friend said that at one point we had an awesome recovery because she had actually seen the bottom of the tube as we were raised off the water into the air and back down. Her brother was determined to get us off but only got me!

Saturday evening was when we headed out to Birchwood Camp so we could get an early start to the rest of our weekend. I was soo looking forward to it. My previous camp experiences have been with my extended family. Furman had missed out on some great camping trips to Blairton Trailer Park with my family and I, so I was anxious to take him camping. My family and I had been going to Blairton for several years thanks to one of my cousins. I have some awesome memories of those trips. Awe..yes! Camping with my family is a hoot. However, we were kind of looking for a change in location. I had been recommending Birchwood that is run by family of a good friend of mine but I had never actually been there till now. OMG! I strongly recommend that people go check this place out. Totally awesome. Please check out the pics on the website as I have too many to post in my blog. But yeah, we got there late on Saturday evening and checked in to Cabin 7. My lucky number! Nice cabin. The bed was soo comfy. But you should see the other cabins.

Sunday we got to check out Birchwood in the daytime after a good nights sleep. Really get to admire the scenery and the facilities in general. Like I said...NICE! The people that run the place are absolutely awesome. I can't say enough about them. The nicest people I tell ya. We had the best host and were well taken care of.

Midlothian Castle

On the way back from Burk's Falls to get a few grocery items we were introduced to a crazy place called Screaming Heads. You have to see this place to believe it. Soo cool. The size of the place is ridiculous so we never walked it all but we walked enough to get an idea of the place. My friend was right...definitely a must see. Apparently they hold a Harvest Festival that we were told we really need to come back and check out too. Sounds like a plan!
Anyways....back to Birchwood. The weekend was soo relaxing with the best company. Met some great people. Sunday evening we were taken to Magnetawan to watch the Canada Day fireworks. The fireworks were awesome although them pesky mosquitos were out. My friend was telling us about the Magnetawan Fire while we were there too. Crazy! Some guy got kicked out of the bar across the street from the general store and in his anger he vowed to burn the town down, so he did just that. Oh..but he didn't burn the place he got kicked out of...nope. People are crazy! Such a sad story. After the fireworks we made sure to get some Kawartha Lakes ice cream. Awe yes...Moose Tracks! But the OMG moment was when we got an ice cream cone in Port Carmen on Monday. lol The size small wasn't small at all. The lady in the store said that he dad taught her not to be cheap with the ice cream. lol Good man. I meant to take a photo of the darn ice cream cone because it was soo big for a small. Definitely have to go back there. Furman was in love with his Pralines and Cream. lol

Perhaps the highlight of our Monday was when we went hiking through the Birchwood property. My friend was telling us about the hike and the wonderful view we'd find at the top so we had to check it out ourselves. We didn't find what we were supposed to find but man oh man did we get lost. Furman doesn't say we got lost because all he had to do was look at the sun to find his way. You know..."the sun rises in the east and sets in the west". lol Means nothing to me. He may have known how to find his way but I was lost and a bit nervous. (I think he was lost too if even for a few minutes..lol) Soo happy I wasn't alone or they'd need a helicopter to find me for sure. Besides, there is no better person to get lost with than the man you love. It was awesome being in the woods with my husband like we were on some kind of military mission. hahahaha  At one point we came across an abandoned trailer with an old car on it. I climbed onto the trailer and walked past the car afraid to look in it. After all, it's in the woods like it's been there forever...there could have been a body in there or something. lol  There wasn't. It was close to a road we found when we exited the woods at one point. But, unsure where the road would take us we decided to head back into the woods. lol Luckily, the only wildlife we came across were chipmunks.Guess the deer and moose had other things to do.

Birchwood Camp - Lake Cecebe
The long weekend was so chill that I had to take an extra day! lol Emergency Day we call them at work. It was an emergency...I needed more time. Besides, I was given fair warning about the long weekend traffic returning home on Monday and we had wanted to stop at the Farmers Market before going home too. Staying the extra night was the smart thing to do as we found out on the drive home today. Smooth! No issues. Took us 2 hours and 15 minutes to get home from Burks Falls. Think it was supposed to take 3 hours. We completely forgot about going to the Farmers Market. My friend called me Trissy Andretti. hahahaha  Ok Ok..my foot can be a bit heavy at times i'll admit. We got home safe.

Ready to start my week. Back to reality.

Again, much much thanks to my friend and her family for allowing us to share in such an awesome weekend. You guys are the greatest. Totally look forward to doing it again.

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