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Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Are At It Again!

I had to share....something I know....HE KNOWS!
Someone shared this song this morning....so i'm sharing, because sometimes we forget.

Dropped my son to work this morning. I hadn't seen him in what felt like years.
Around a certain age they start to replace family with friends.....if only they really knew what mattered most.
Gave him the biggest hug. I lost a tear or two. I love him and miss him soo much. He hasn't gone anywhere really....he's just being a young man. Sometimes I wish he would just make some special time for mom other than when he needs something from me. A movie? Dinner?
Not yet....I guess that will come when they get older and learn to appreciate mom and all she tried to teach them. When they realize that mom will not always be there because she can't be around forever.
It's hard to watch your kids grow up.
They live their own lives, making their own choices and you just have to sit back and watch as their lives unfold with hope that everything turns out ok. Hope that they would take your advice for once! lol When they get to a certain age....they don't want to hear, they want to feel. So there ya go!
I have two wonderful children who I love more than they will ever know.              

This Classic came to mind as I was writing.......

Soooooooo.........We Are At It Again!!   Oh Yeah!
It's only been 4 days since our Spartan Sprint, bruises are still healing, and we have now registered for our next adventure!  Mud Hero   Thanks Catie.  
Since becoming a Spartan, my dear friend Catie has been completely stoked and ready to go! Gheez...you'd think she was living on borrowed time or something. lol  Still...tomorrow is never promised so she is right...let's get to it!  She sent me the link AFTER she already registered. hahahaha  She was going with or without us. Gotta love her!
We paused our playback of The Bachelorette and had a look. Then, we registered. Next step...Facebook public invite. Just in case we can get others to hop on board our little adventure train, since Furman's Spartan Video gave them a taste of what they missed. lol  This video I found on You Tube is a taste of what we'll be in for with Mud Hero. August 25th. I need more training!


So far....we've got a team of 5 that I know of. I managed to convince my cousin Michelle to join us. After seeing the fun we had with Spartan she didn't want to miss out on this one. She can do it! After posting about Mud Hero on Facebook my friend Paula even sent me a message asking if she could join us. She had looked at doing this last year but didn't know anyone interested in doing it. lol She does now...Imagine that!
This is going to be awesome. I wonder how many people we'll have by August. I'll let ya know. Catie was thinking matching t-shirts to look like a real team....I agree!! Makes for great pictures.

You wanna join us?
Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?  lol


  1. Ohhhh man this looks like fun...but I don't think I could run 6km and do all of those obstacles!!! You guys are craaaazzzyyy! :)

    1. Yes you can! You can do whatever you put your mind to! Besides, with all those obstacles..it's not straight running...it's running with some walking..lol


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