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Monday, July 9, 2012

Still Waiting.... For Immigration


Well.... As you can probably figure, we are still waiting to hear from immigration. But... It's July. We are starting our sixth month and what I believe will be the last stretch of this process. (Based on the timelines provided by other successful applicants that is.)

   I really have no clue.

Day in and day out I go to the website and check for updates. Any word of anything different happening with our application, but get nothing. No confirmation of medicals received yet. Nothing. This is normal from what I have gathered from others on the Road to Canada Forums. So....we keep waiting. But, we are keeping busy. What would be absolutely awesome is if we received word before heading to Florida in 11 days!  Our next adventure! ROADTRIP!!!! But..I wont hold my breath for that.
Immigration workers are probably saying.......

   Yeah... don't rush them!
So....while we are still waiting...i'll keep blogging about "complete drivel" as one of my familial readers once commented. Gotta love it. Hey, it'll help me with my writing skills that I was also told I needed to work on. lol 

The weekend was wonderful. Aside from spending time in the gym supporting the twirlers of Stars United Baton Club, we got an opportunity to visit St Jacobs Country. Did you know that St Jacobs is Canada's largest year round farmer's market?  I had no clue but I certainly saw why. A lovely place to visit. We definitely will have to go back.

I took this photo inside one of the buildings at the farmers market. Because we weren't heading right home we obviously couldn't pick up too much other than kennel corn, pepperoni sticks, trays of peanuts and some fruit. lol Some of the prices were crazy!! Great deals.
What was awesome too were the Mennonite people. (I had to look up what the difference was between the Mennonite people and the Amish - interesting) They were all around the market to sell their goods sticking out like sore thumbs because of how they dress. It was even more cool to drive along the roadside along the families travelling in their horse and buggy. How they live in such simplicity is amazing. We are definitely a spoiled society! They live with so much less and are probably much happier than many of us who live with so much more. lol Could you do it?

Oh, and the horse and buggy parking at Walmart tripped me out too. Too funny!

Seriously....they had one.
Had to search a photo to show you because we didn't get a chance to take one ourselves. Here it is.

Thanks to my FB friends for the tips on what to check out while we were in St Jacobs.

Anyways...the weekend is over and time to get ready for the next. What to do? What to do? We've got a few BBQ's to possibly attend of which one is being held by the ladies from my Ladie's Prayer Breakfast group. And...I know that Furman has been waiting patiently, very patiently, to get to Canada's Wonderland. I'm thinking that the theme park might win out if we can't figure out a way to do it all.  Hmmm?
In the meantime, Mom's balcony is our first order of business. Doin' The Pigeon  Thank you to all that have given me some tips on how to get this clean and keep it clean.  Furman and I will be doing some balcony task shopping this evening. Owls? I never knew!!  lmao

Oh yeah, and before I forget...here is a video from Furman's 1st Canada Day Weekend. This is the video I mentioned we had. There is a part where we almost completely flipped shown in slow motion that was crazy because you could see the bottom of the tube and we survived. lol However, you'll also get to see where I didn't quite make it. hahaha  Best time ever!  Wish my daughter didn't have to miss it. She would have had a blast too. But, happy I have my hubby to share new experiences with me.

Oh.....and we will keep waiting on Immigration!!  lol    Got no choice.

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