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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Word On The Forum - OHIP?

Sooo.....The word on the street forum I have been reading is that Furman may already be eligible to apply for OHIP. (Ontario Health Insurance Plan)

Yup...sounds exciting if true.  My American husband may finally be covered by our supposedly terrible FREE Health Care Coverage. Terrible according to what Americans are made to believe anyways. After all, it's FREE right? (Not Free exactly since I pay a lot of taxes lol, but you know what I mean) They figure that since it's free to us that it's not as good as theirs. I saw the movie SICKO. hahahaha (Which was an awesome movie I might add. Quite an eye opener.  Pick a finger?) I count my blessings and I wouldn't trade our health care coverage for theirs ever. Proud to be a Canadian!
You know I had to post a clip from the movie about our Canadian Healthcare System. haha  If you haven't seen the movie...trust me, a good watch.


Anyways....I'm doing the research to confirm. But, from what others have shared on the forum (Road to Canada), they have gotten theirs while they are in Canada as a visitor waiting on their Permanent Residency application. I'm like really? Because I had no clue. I knew you had to be in Ontario for at least 3 months, but I thought that he wouldn't be able to apply until AFTER he received his Permanent Residency. So, I went to the OHIP website to browse further.  From what I am reading it seems that 3 months after the date that Furman has deemed he started LIVING HERE, he can apply and must bring as documentation the letter from CIC (in our case, the email) that shows I was approved as a sponsor, a monthly bank statement showing his residence and his American Passport.  That's it! Someone else on the forum was going to make some phone calls today and give an update. So, I'll look out for what she posts. But...all in all, it looks like we can do this! Wont know till we try.  Question is...what date did Furman really start living here? That might not even matter either because someone else commented on the forum that when they went they dated his OHIP to be effective 3 months from the date of the CIC letter that approved sponsorship.  In our case, that would be August. Sponsorship Approved.

Furman arrived here on March 2nd, Being Delivered. At that time, his intention was for an extended visit. However, when we went to Buffalo and got harassed by the Border Crossing Agent on our return Run In With Immigration, that was in April. I think that is significant because he was accused at that point of LIVING HERE when he wasn't really. At least that was not how we looked at it at the time. But, they insisted. Then, when we had to return to the border with our documentation for him to complete his visit (or maybe I should just say for him to stay), that's when he got permission to stay till 2013. Immigrations Unexpected Surprise. Now, he is living here! He's home! My daughter would certainly agree that he is living here and not visiting anymore. lol So....when exactly does the 3 months start? When should he apply for this wonderful health card?

                                Clearly a fake copy taken from Google.
                                                                                                     (Fraudsters, don't get excited!)

I'm thinking we should go ahead and do it before we head off for vacation in Florida. Hmmm? Then again, maybe we should wait until we return. After all, I'm still a bit confident that his Permanent Residency is just around the corner. And...if they date the effective date in August anyways. We'll talk about it and decide and then take action. You know i'll let you know when he gets it. All in all I am confident that my hubby will have OHIP before the end of the year. Yay! Not that he really needs it and stuff...cause he is very healthy. But i'm just saying....always good to know you are covered. 

I just wanted to share for many others who had no clue just like me. Thank God for the Internet.

We might celebrate just by doing something risky. hahaha You know, to test out the coverage and make his first doctor visit. Jk Jk.  I'm not trying to make a morgue visit although deep down a part of me would be interested in doing a skydive one day with my hubby. He is an experienced diver. That would be another post. lol
To be updated.....


  1. Form what l went through back in 1997 you apply for OHIP 3 months after you get your paper. It might have changed by now but its alway wise to look into it.

  2. I called British Columbia's medical plan, because I was hopeful they would count my 90 day wait period from the time I began living here under my Visitor Record, which was October. No such luck. They said I MUST count 90 days from my PR date, which I have yet to receive.

    However, Ontario may have a different start point. Good luck!

    1. Hey Glory,
      Make sure you call again and speak to someone else just for that second opinion. You know how some offices can be with their mixed up information. From what I am gathering here, its 90 days from the Sponsorship Approval date on the CIC notice. I'll know for sure when we try to apply. lol

  3. So...after writing the above I DID call again and spoke with an enrollment specialist. Lo and behold now they're telling me I may be able to be covered soon! They were cagey on exactly when it would start...every case is different, blah, blah blah...But they told me what paperwork to send in and will get back to me within 4 weeks. Whatever date they use I'm sure I'll have it once the PR comes through because the app's been in so long. Whoot! Thank you! And thank you for posting the SICKO video. I went and watched the whole thing on YouTube and cried with gratitude.

    1. Hey Glory...Thank you so very much for updating me. You made my day. I'm glad you took my advice and it seems it may work out. That's exactly what this blog is for...to make people smile, think and hopefully help someone along the way. Your feedback shows that my writing is meaningful and that means a lot to me. Oh..and I'm glad you enjoyed SICKO. Wasn't that something though? lol Much to be thankful for here in Canada.


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