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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Secret Sister

At church, my discipleship class has been doing something that I think I will share because I definitely think it is a neat idea for others to follow in their churches.  (In case you've never heard of it before) Secret Sister!!
 Several months ago when we started the program we filled out a form that asked limited information about ourselves that would then be distributed by someone in charge to another person who wanted to be a Secret Sister. Nobody was to know who got their form. The form just had basic info such as name, address, favorite color, special prayer requests and anything else we wanted to share. The purpose of the program was to know that you had someone special that was keeping you in prayer. If you were a Secret Sister, you would communicate with your Secret Sister either by mail, or you could leave communication or gifts for your Sister to get when she was in class. But remember, while you have the information of one Sister, someone else has your information and nobody knows who has what. It's supposed to be a SECRET!

Well, I grew up having a pen pal. (That's another story) So, I know all about writing letters or sending cards of encouragement and stuff. I got right on that. The name I got, I had no idea who she was. Our church is fairly large so not knowing the name is highly likely. I sent a few cards and always left a return address with no name. Funny thing is....the Secret Sister that I was uplifting starting responding to me. lol I received a Thank You Card one day. Then, here we are getting ready for Christmas and most (if not all) of the Secret Sisters are trying to bring in small gifts for their Sister. Me included. The Sunday before I brought in the gift for my Sister I received a few Christmas Cards from a few church friends. Ladies that I always look forward to seeing Sunday morning. Thing is, one of the Christmas Cards I received was from the person that was MY Secret Sister. Too funny!! I'm thinking all this time that I really had no clue what this lady's name was when I hugged her every Sunday. Smh. I do now. I got excited. Because I knew something that she didn't!! I'm her Secret Sister! I just don't know who mine is. lol So, with my extra tidbit of information, I wanted to pad my gift just a bit more because I really like this lady. Then, when I went to church the following Sunday I carried the gift in a way that she wouldn't see me with it. After class they handed out the gifts and I think that is when many were probably trying to look around to match names to faces. I got a gift and still have no clue who from. But, look forward to the end of the program and learning who has been keeping me in their prayers. Haven't been hearing from my original Secret Sister much though.

So I hope she is still praying for me and my family. But, it's nice to know that I have a Secret Sister that I truly adore and know for a fact has prayed for me and my family. And, I am definitely praying for her and her family. Always look forward to seeing her on Sunday and giving her a huge hug. If she only knew. lol


So, whether you have a Secret Sister or not, I know that we should all be praying for others - even our enemies. Grace To You I just wanted to share this reminder. Someone needs your prayer today. Trust me on that one.

  Have an awesome weekend everyone!!

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