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Friday, July 20, 2012

On The Road....Toronto To Miami


We are OFF (just about)...on our Road Trip....so I thought I would share one more blog post because i'm not sure when i'll next get the chance. I'll certainly try though...as long as I can find a wi-fi connection and if the thought of blogging actually comes to mind. hahahaha So, before I have some food, watch Young and the Restless and catch some shut eye....I'm saying goodbye...sayonara!

From: My Location (Toronto, ON) To: Florida, USANow, i'm not sure exactly what route we will be taking...my hubby will have to navigate, as we may be making some pit stops along the way to see some family. Maybe, we'll see. But, to give you an idea, this is what we are looking at.
My Location (Toronto, ON)
Florida, USA
22 hours 47 mins
2,184.7 km - I-95 S

I'm excited for this adventure.This will be my longest road trip. Longest I've taken thus far was a drive I once took, when I was much younger, of 18 hours to Nova Scotia FOR A WEEKEND - straight. Dumb. I know. I slept one night in Nova Scotia and then I was off again. lol But, I did it. I don't remember why. Think it was for a wedding. Don't have any clue at this point who was so important. haha All about the experience though. All about the experience. We've planned this trip to Florida for quite some time now. It was supposed to be Furman, myself and my our daughter, with a stop at Disney. Furman has always wanted to take my our daughter to Disney. Theme parks...that's their thing. Unfortunately, she decided against the trip. She had better things to do than hang with parents. Go figure! That's teenagers for you. But...the show must go on and on it will. We got this!  Miami....here we come!!


So, we will get up real early in the morning and hit the road with our rental car. Always gotta get a rental car with unlimited mileage. Thank you AVIS. Why would anyone want to put that much mileage on their own vehicle? lol We got a brand new Ford Taurus that has keyless entry and touch screen everything. Of course I can't forget to mention the Sirius Satellite Radio. Yeah baby! I enjoyed that immensely when we last rented a car to drive to Indiana. Let me tell you that Ford has come a long way! Oh...and we can't forget our GPS. Not going to pay $9.95 a day with the rental. Hell no! Going to bring my own Garmin. That's a Bible for a roadtrip. I'm already a CAA/AAA member so we are good there. We got our Triptix and tour books. And Furman...well he's American remember. So, he's got an American cellphone so we're good. Because you know that Roaming charges would totally rape me! Most importantly....we are together. Whatever we experience on this adventure will be together. It's going to be soo fun.


First stop...Charlotte NC (that's about half way, 12hrs), for a good meal and some shut eye. 
(And a call to mom to let her know we're ok)


 Saw this cartoon and laughed. Soo true...but we are going anyways!
Ready or not....here we come!!

We're going to Miami!!

If you don't hear from me on this blog within two weeks.....call somebody!! lol jk jk

Here's praying for safe travels, or in Christian jargon....Traveling Mercies.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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