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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Caribana Weekend

Well, this upcoming weekend will be a doozy.
It's a long weekend with Monday being a Civic Holiday. What's that? I have no darn clue really.
It's a day off work, that's what it is. lol

This day off work, which is August 6th, just happens to be my daughters 17th birthday too. Yup. Nothing special planned. Just an acknowledgement. When they reach this age their friends are actually more important than their family. Trust me on that one! So...she'll be spending her time with them i'm sure. But, she knows how much I love her because I raised her without being shy on the affections.

This will be the second birthday I have missed in 17 years. Not bad. Her 16th birthday was in Cuba with her father. A first. She had an amazing time though. Unfortunately, things didn't improve in their relationship following their return. I think she had kind of hoped that the "absent" father would all of a sudden start to be "present", once he spent the week with her and saw how awesome she was. Didn't happen though. But, as kids get older they get to see for themselves who people really are. Unfortunately, it doesn't help extinguish that desire for the love of someone that can't love us the way we want them to. Trust me...I know. (My dad, remember?) Then, kids start to make the decisions that shape their own lives - good and bad. Decisions that turn THEM into who THEY will be, often times irregardless of how they were raised. So, in this doozy of a weekend, one thing that I will do is celebrate my daughters birthday WITHOUT HER. I sure will. But, she will be on my mind as always. Love you TT!

I deserve to celebrate dammit! Hell, I spent a lot of hours in labor with her. In fact, as it fell on the long weekend which is also Caribana weekend, it means that when I went into labor 17 years ago I was home alone. lmao Wasn't funny at the time. Oh yeah...Red Flag number 4? Daddy was out enjoying the festivities while I rested at home waiting to pop. He made it to the hospital in time for her birth, but I was pissed he wasn't there when I actually went into labor. Why? Because I told him not to leave me!! I can laugh about it now. But hey..God was in control and I had a safe delivery with a beautiful healthy baby that is a big girl now. And hey...special mentions to my cousin J that was at the hospital with me when my beautiful daughter made her entrance. Thanks again Cuz. Love you.

So, in honor of my daughters birthday I think we might bake a Red Velvet cake. lol Maybe Furman can get more practice with his icing skills because I know he wouldn't have figured out how to make a Red Velvet Cheesecake quite yet. Oh yeah...that's on his list of "Things to do". Yippee! Can't wait to taste. In the meantime, I'll keep loving the exercise bike. lol

Back to Caribana though. Oh sorry...maybe I should call it by it's new name Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival. Yeah...right...Whatever! Caribana!! It will always be Caribana to me and many of us that grew up with it regardless of how it has changed over the years. Boy...do I have memories of Caribana Weekends. Man oh man! Thanks to those friends I used to hang out with that shared and were often a catalyst for the memories.


I love this pic as it shows me in Caribana costume minus the head gear. lol I don't remember what on earth convinced me to wear a costume that year but I did. Oh, but I didn't get IN the parade...Oh no...I walked along the sidelines where it was less sweaty and I still got the attention that I was seeking at the time. hahahaha Tourists stopping me asking to take photos with them. It was too funny. I wasn't alone though. Nope, I encouraged my youngest sister to wear the same costume and come on out with me to act a fool and have fun. hahaha  I was such a horrible sister.  But she can't tell me she didn't have fun! My other sister was present for the occasion also. Awww...the memories.
Even our Mayor gets in on the fun!
I will not be in costume this year. I haven't been to Caribana in years. In fact, the year I was in costume was probably the last time I was even there. However, I am looking forward to taking my husband to the parade for the experience. Oh, he might say it's just a parade, but it's our Toronto Caribana Parade that has been a tradition since 1967. It's my job as his wife to share our traditions, and that I will do. So, we'll be down there somewhere to peek the festivities - together. We hope to meet up with some friends. Not too early, not too late. But definitely before the younger generation, that will also be down there, get too hot and bothered and start any trouble. There is not usually trouble as the city is well prepared with tons of police presence...but, you know, just in case.....i'm not trying to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Too much of that has been happening in the news lately.
Officer showing he can whine too! lol
 While the police are serving and protecting, they'll be having fun too - no doubt!

For those who plan to attend and need some help...check out this video!!  Can't say I didn't try to help you have fun. LMAO!!  Enjoy.

The rest of the weekend....hmmmm? We'll just have to see what we can get into.

                                              in advance...for those that may be headed out somewhere early. Be safe...and have fun.

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