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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Off To A Rough Start!!

Tsk Tsk!  Shame on you Canada Post!  Here I thought for sure I would be celebrating the fact that my package is possibly sitting on someone's desk at the Case Processing Center and instead I'm starting to feel STRESSED! Lord help me.

We are definitely off to a rough start and I pray to God that my package is not mishandled and does get to it's destination. I don't know what's going on but i'm not feeling good about it. Definitely need to pray to God for some peace tonight.

I tried to be patient today and not check the Canada Post website as often as yesterday. How'd that work out for me? Not too good. It was kind of cute today when my husband sent me a text to let me know that he thought the delivery man got lost because it's still out for delivery. lol He's obviously checked the website to confirm delivery also, but I bet not as often as me. Feeling anxious, I ended up calling Canada Post customer service this afternoon noticing the website gave me permission to call after the expected delivery date. Problem is, they didn't help me. Instead, they made excuses for yesterday's missed delivery and said it would be out today. Their excuse, the weather. But, if my memory serves me correctly, it wasn't too bad yesterday. Maybe a rough start in the morning, but the sunshine and mild weather melted the snow by dinner time. So, closed streets delaying mail Mr Postman? I don't buy it. Again, where is my package? And, am I getting a refund for this so called Express Post Delivery that I paid for? I didn't want Snail Mail for a reason. I was told they have till 8pm for deliveries. So, as I write, I have another window open to track my package once again as I watch the time. Still, no update. It's been out for delivery for a mighty long time now.  My husband figures that maybe it was delivered and they forgot to scan it. I'm not buying that either. This is not some fly by night courier company, this is Canada Post!! So, you know what I did, foolish as it was, I logged onto the Canadian Immigration website to check for the application status, just in case. You never know, maybe it was received, opened and logged before it sits under someone's coffee cup. "File not found" and I can't say that I was surprised. But what I am surprised about is the fact that this package I entrusted to Canada Post is SOMEWHERE!!

So, I will try to take my mind off the issue and check one more time before bed. Hopefully I can get a decent sleep and stop myself from thinking the worse. What if we have to do everything all over again? Oh God, please let this package show up where it's supposed to be. What could I have done differently? Maybe I should have sent it Registered Mail for a signature!! But hold on, it was going to a PO Box so that wouldn't work.

Tomorrow is another day!!
Everything has been soo great thus far....this feels like a stupid prank.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Update and Confirm Delivery of my Item Mr Postman!!


  1. It's alway wise to use UPS then it would got there for sure.I swear by UPS/

    1. It was going to a PO Box though? I've worked at Canada Post as well as UPS so I've seen how both handle packages. I've never had any problems with ExpressPost before....so I'm really unsure what's going on now. Usually with Courier and Registered, signatures are required whereas ExpressPost is supposed to deliver as usual but still confirm delivery. Keep your fingers crossed it all works out for me please.

  2. Maybe because it wasn't going to someone specific, it's just sitting in a "general mailbox" area waiting to be directed to someone who can actualy confirm delivery?
    Release. Trust. Release. Trust
    XO Yasi

    1. I understand what you are saying but Canada Post is supposed to confirm delivery once it is left at the address. All the mailman had to do was scan the item as delivered because no signature is required meaning nobody needs to confirm delivery other than the mailman. But, I guess that was too hard for him to do. lol I'm Releasing. I'm Trusting. I'm Releasing again. Cause I can't take the damn stress..lol


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