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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

It's Valentine's Day today and while I was missing my sweetheart I anxiously awaited the delivery of something special I had sent to him. An Edible Arrangement!!  

Am I good, or am I good?

It's hard to do little nice things for guys. In general I don't think guys really care either way, although I could be wrong, but I still like to treat people the way I like to be treated....so I do, what I do. lol Even though I will be seeing him in just 17 days, today is Valentine's Day and I want him to know that he is thought of and that I love him more than money can buy.  (But hey, strawberries are good for ya...and a little chocolate and nuts don't hurt either!..lol)

Now don't get me wrong, I know he knows that I think of him EVERY day but while guys may try to say how every day is Valentine's Day....it's really not.  lol  Yeah Yeah....I've heard all the fuss about how Valentine's is such a commercial holiday, a money grabber for stores, etc. But, I don't see anything wrong with celebrating Valentine's personally, because every day is Not Valentine's. I don't need a big hoopla or gift for Furman to prove his love to me. Trust me, I know Furman loves me more than anyone ever has. I think it's when you never have a Valentine that you really don't care to celebrate Valentine's because it's a dreadful reminder that you don't have that special love. Valentine's Day can feel like either Heaven or Hell depending on your social status. For me, it's been a lot of Hell. I hated seeing flowers delivered for others so in love, and hearing of special dinner plans, etc...because I didn't have squat!! On the other hand, when you do have someone you love more than words can say....it makes Valentine's Day just that much more special.   At least it does to me, so I want to do something if I am able. Why not? I can celebrate now...I have my long lost love, a love that was sooo worth waiting for. I'm a simple person, always have been. Never had much so a little goes a long way. Whether I get or not, it makes me feel good to give to someone I love and that doesn't always have to be a gift.  Furman is my Valentine's gift, my Easter gift, my Christmas gift, and definitely my Birthday Gift.  Every birthday from now on will be a happy birthday. Good planning on my part to marry the day before.  :)  But back to Valentines.....

This morning, Furman posted these on my Facebook Wall.

The fact that he took the time out to do that is what means the world to me.  I don't need the chocolates or roses, etc, although they don't hurt...lol  But these simple posts made me feel warm and fuzzy!!That's all  I want....and he does a great job of it from a distance.

Do know that i'm not going to use Valentine's Day as a way to gauge my personal worth or the commitment of my partner. After all, it IS just another day. And I will not forget that there is nothing better than a spontaneous love gift compared to the obligatory offering sometimes made on Valentine's Day that is often forced and pre-packaged.  I don't want Valentine's Day to ever feel like an obligation for either of us. So I hope that Furman doesn't feel obligated because I do know that he loves me. He has shown me in many many ways, time and time again and I owe him an apology if I have ever made him feel that way.  Certainly was not my intention. But after not having this kind of love for sooo many years....I kinda do want to celebrate. Every day, Valentine's Day, I don't even care...let's do it all!!!. I can't wait till Furman is here!!!

So, I did my workout this morning and got the website ready to track the delivery of my special item. I wouldn't have been able to sit by the computer to track it all day because I had an off site meeting in the afternoon for a few hours. Guess it didn't matter because I knew Furman would be able to text me with his reaction to my treat. lol  I love surprises!! And he did....before I left the office for my meeting he sent me a text to let me know that he got my gift.  I FELT SOO GOOD!! Just wish I was there to see his smile. He sent me a photo and it looked just like it was supposed to, minus the one he already ate by the time he took the photo.  LOL

 (He loved them!)

CHECK THIS OUT....Furman ended up telling me that he had also planned to surprise me with a Valentine's gift when he realized my day at work was done. There was no delivery when I got back to the office after my meeting so he was very upset that something he planned didn't work out. The funny thing is....that he said it was also an Edible Arrangement. I am cracking up!! Great minds think alike...no wonder we are married!!! So I head down to our loading dock just to double check on deliveries but while they had flowers and stuff for other people, there was nothing for me. Once I got back to my desk to pack up to leave, the front desk calls me. It's like 5:10pm now and I am usually gone out the door quick, just not today. But...here was my delivery, better late than never. Valentine balloon with Teddy and an Edible Arrangement. Soo beautiful. Great minds sure do think alike. There is more proof right there that Furman and I are made for each other!!

Can't wait to get to work tomorrow to get into them!! Was rushing out the door when they came that I had to shove the whole thing in the fridge...with balloon and teddy. Poor teddy!! I'll make it up to him tomorrow.



  1. You put the teddy in the fridge?! Lol!!! =) Sweet that you two got each other a gift!

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! I'm sure there are pole dancing centres in Toronto! Go by yourself, thats what i did =) Have fun!

  2. Yeah....I did... lol He was ok in the morning though. A bit cold, but ok and sitting happily on my desk at the office. I'll look into the Pole Dancing. Besides, if you wait on people to do things with you, you will never do them. Right? lol


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