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Monday, February 13, 2012

Best Valentines Ever! - 2010

Tomorrow is Valentine's!! And, i'm without mine.
But not for too much longer now. 18 more days!!

In the meantime, I sit here and think about my Best Valentine's Ever. 2010!  A Valentine's Weekend that made up for all the years never having anything special done for me for the occasion. Furman definitely made up for that in one shot.

With us being so far apart, spending Valentine's Day together is difficult to plan.  I was missing him so much because it was our first Valentine's Day since we got back together. So, I was kinda feeling a bit grumpy as Valentine's Day came closer. My friend Desrie had done her part to make sure I wasn't home being miserable over it though. She had invited me to attend a Valentine's Party with her.  While I insisted that I couldn't go because Furman wasn't here, he insisted that I go ahead and go have fun. He sure did. So I told Desrie to go ahead and pick me up a ticket. Furman convinced me to get a nice outfit and do my hair up nice. He even convinced me to go ahead and get my nails done. Desrie was all for that because she loves to shop so she was right there to help me and I found the cutest little red dress. But Furman didn't want to see any photos of my dress or anything. No, he wanted me to wait till I was completely dressed for the occasion to take a photo and share with him via text or email.

That Friday night I went to work at my part time job along with my daughter and cousin. Now, when I am normally driving to work and even when I am at work often enough, Furman and I text each other or speak on the phone. That Friday evening was no different. We had been in regular contact throughout the day so he knew what my plans were for the evening and for the weekend.  While I was at work that evening we had continued texting each other back and forth so what was about to happen was clear genius on Furmans part.  He randomly asked me to go look out the window where I was working. Knowing this man is thousands of miles away his request didn't make a bit of sense to me, so I wasn't about to go look out the window and feel like an idiot. But, because Furman is such a charmer (lol) he easily convinced me to look out the window which looked out into the rear parking lot. Because it was evening, it was pretty dark but with a few security lights on where the cars were parked just outside the door.  So, when I looked out the window I didn't see much. Oh, but wait....it looked like something was on the roof of my car so I left the window and headed for the side door to see what was going on. I walked out the door to get a closer look at my car with the girls peering behind me with the door ajar. What was on the roof of my car was a battery operated candle. (The battery operated candle has sentimental meaning to us because Furman and I had taken a cruise upon reuniting and in one of his romantic moments he had decorated our entire cabin with a bunch of those candles.  It was sooo romantic - but that's another story.) So when I saw this candle on top of my car I knew it had to do with Furman. My first thought was that Furman conspired with one my friends to deliver a Valentine's gift to me.  I thought that it may have been left between the parked cars with the candle on top to get my attention. But, as I walked closer to the car so I could see what I thought might be between it and the other parked vehicle, the girls at the door started screaming. As I looked to see what on earth they were screaming about, Furman was walking towards me from the underground parking garage ramp with his iPhone up to videotape my reaction. As always, he looked sexy as ever with his hair down. And I swear, I wish I could do it over again, because I couldn't really react when I was standing there in shock. I think I disappointed him because I couldn't scream in excitement. Instead, my shock led me to happy tears as my mind was processing what was going on. It was like I was dreaming or something. The man I love was right in front of me. But how?

What he did: He planned everything perfectly. He was telling me to get all dolled up for this Valentine's dinner and dance because he knew he was going to be there with me. LOL  Pretty clever. But he didn't plan it enough to make sure Desrie had an extra ticket though....lol I had to call her right away and tell her to get one, once my shock wore off and reality set in. She took care of it though. Was probably a good thing he didn't contact Desrie ahead of time for the extra ticket, because i'm not sure if she would have been able to keep the surprise. The girls were so excited to see him and showed it while my heart was just overcome with so much emotion.  With him now standing in front of me live and in the flesh, to hell with working. Right away we packed up to leave the office as he told us how he pulled this off on our drive home. How he kept in contact with me the entire time so I wouldn't think that he was anywhere but Miami. How he got on the plane and travelled here using Google Maps to direct the Airport Taxi driver to get to my job quick speed. Yes, he cleverly got enough information out of me days before when he was setting his plan in motion so that he could look up the building that I was working at and find me. He knew exactly where he was going and told the Taxi driver the story of his quest for Love on Valentines as he gave directions. Meanwhile, others that knew his plan thought he was crazy to travel here unexpected to surprise me because of the possibility to them that he could be the one surprised. Thank God, Furman knows me and how much I really do love him. He knew enough to hop on that plane and make that Valentine's the most memorable ever!!  He took a chance on love and it really paid off.

One of my best memories ever!! How do you top that? Other than with a wedding.  :)
So, I sit here and remember how much this man loves me. The man who is now  my husband. 


  1. Love the way u write, i could imagine myself being there, the candle and the car and all =)

    You two look good together! Ps. You look fabulous in the red dress!

  2. Why thank you. I've always wanted to be a writer. Guess this is the next best thing. It's nice to know that someone is reading so I try to type like I am speaking to you instead. Glad it helped and thanks for the compliment. That red dress cost me $10...and He cost me my heart!! lol


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