Oct 6, 2011 - "So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." Matt 19:6

Friday, November 30, 2012


Well, December is upon us.
A month of birthdays in my family. My mother, my father as well as one of my sisters and my favorite cousin.

Mom is the one I get to focus on and celebrate. 
So, this year, we will do what we did last year to start....I'm going to get mom all dolled up. Get her pampered like she doesn't usually get. Take her out to get a manicure and pedicure and get her hair did. Making it a tradition!
Hopefully this year, my daughter will be available to join us so we can do a three generation pamper fest! lol  Oh yeah....we'll see!
Then.....we'll probably head out for a nice dinner. The last few years I've been successful with arranging a group of family members to join us for buffet to celebrate my mom. Think i'll skip that this year though. Just keep it immediate family. I dunno, still thinking about it...I've got an idea that I'm toying with if I can make it work. Will put some feelers out and see what I get. After all, next year is the big one that I have to plan for - 65!!. Mom already knows. Hell, she expects a big party and already told me so..lol...just doesn't have any details because there aren't any yet. At least she gave me notice..lol I'll keep working on keeping her in good health and spirits for it.

Stay tuned.

Time to start making plans for the holidays too, if there aren't any that are traditional already.
Last year, it was just myself, my daughter and my mom. Mom came over to stay the night Christmas Eve. I don't even remember where my son was. lol I'm sure he came in for food at some point though. Whenever moms health is good, we try to make sure to spend special occasions together. You know, kind of make up for lost time. Christmas is no exception. Last year I did up a good meal. My mom and daughter got into the cornbread before dinner was ready which had us laughing when they wouldn't stop. lol Mom even helped me a bit with the meal. At the end of it, I had soo many leftovers it was ridiculous. I made way too much food. Now, if Furman was with us, I probably wouldn't have had so much food left. lol  

Well....my daughter and I were talking about the holidays and realizing that this will be the first Christmas that we will be together as a family. I married last year but right after our wedding Furman was back home in Florida. It sucked too, because it was the longest that we were ever apart since we reunited. October to March. That was just over 5 months mannnnn!! Especially after just getting married. It was absolutely awful. But he is here now...and won't be going anywhere until his paperwork comes through and he is ready to land, which should be soon. You know what that means? That means that not only will we be together for Christmas, but that we will get to spend our very first New Years Eve together. I'm soo excited. It's always been a bummer to be without the man I love on New Years. First things first though...Christmas. 

Now don't get me wrong, he's visited Christmas time but I can't remember if he has actually been here for Christmas Day. I don't think so. This photo was actually taken Christmas time 2010 when we shared a holiday dinner at my cousins house with several extended family members. It was a hoot. Great memories, and Furman certainly got an opportunity to see what type of family he was in for! lol
This year, will be our first as Mr and Mrs. So, if I do what I did last year and cook up a big meal for mom and my kids, it will be even more special to share it with my husband too. Best Christmas gift I can have is to spend the day with those I love. That, is all I ever want. We'll see how it works out this year.

I left a voicemail message for my father, to plant a seed about possibly letting me take him out for a bite to eat for his upcoming birthday too. Now...that would be something! But, I know its probably still too much to ask for. lol With continued prayer...he just might give in to me one day!! I'll keep putting it out there though. After the year he's had, he doesn't have a whole lot of family left. I might get selected by default. lol Fingers crossed and prayers continuing. We'll see.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!
Now, let me just say this...I'm a Merry Christmas kind of girl. 
But, i'll say Happy Holidays for now since Christmas is still several weeks away. 
I'm not about trying to be politically correct. 
All these changes trying to take Christ out of Christmas is just complete foolishness in my opinion. Stop doing it!!
Jesus is the reason for the season.  
I'm just sayin!!

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