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Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Tried

Soo....I thought I would post a blog post to let you know that while away in Montreal with my husband for his birthday, that I actually was trying to blog.  Problem is, instead of bringing a laptop like I usually do, I thought I would use my blogger apps either on my cellphone or new iPad. Well, it hasn't been working out the greatest. Apps have a bit different functionality than the laptop in terms of how to insert pictures and stuff like I like to do. Text is no problem. So, I have some more learning to do. Lol. Even my husband has been trying to help me figure out how to get my blogging done. Gotta love my husband. My biggest fan! Always supportive. Well, I'll make this quick post and blog about our trip when I return. I'll have something to work on during our train ride back.  I just thought it would be a great idea to use my downtime blogging because I'd have lots to share, which is better broken into two posts as opposed to a really long one. After all, not trying to write a book here. Lol

Perplexed!  Lmao

Right now, we are chillaxin. Getting ready to watch the Grey Cup Game after a long day.  
Go Toronto!

Au Revoir!
Cause I can't be fighting with this thing trying to blog and miss how Toronto beats Calgary.
Oh noooo. Lol

Stay tuned.  Got lots to share about an awesome trip.

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