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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Training

First, let me say Congratulations...
to the Toronto Argonauts for winning their game against the Montreal Alouettes on Sunday and advancing to the Final. Yeah, I saw it! Enjoyed it too! I have to admit though, I was convinced Montreal would win. Good thing I'm not a gambling woman because I'd be pissed right now. Lol. But yeah, its the 100th Grey Cup and its awesome that the game being held in Toronto will have the Toronto team playing. Furman and I will definitely be finding the time in Montreal to watch the game, even if its from our cushy hotel room. Lol Then again, maybe we can find a little pub to sit back and chill out with some Poutine!!                            

On another note, it's been a bit tough to blog lately.
I'm in training.
That's where I am.
Sucks too. Although it's a nice change of atmosphere for the week.
This stuff is hard. So much technical stuff and acronyms.
Don't even ask me what I am getting trained on because into the second day, I can't even really tell you. Lol. Gonna be a long week. Tomorrow should be easier because we start to get hands on.
But you know what? In Advance of Your Birthday We've started our countdown......Montreal!!! Woo Hoo  Can't wait.  Think I've said that before. lol It's going to be cold. Got our tour booked, dinner reservations booked, and still checking out a few places that my brother-in-law recommended we set our sights on.
Just want to get through the next couple of days. I've taken Friday off to hang out with my hubby for the day and get ourselves together for our train ride. You know...do any last minute errands and stuff.

Oh, but last evening we had dinner with some awesome friends up in Keswick. Checked out a new place called Wind Sushi. It was an "all you can eat" Sushi Buffet and let me tell you, we went to town. Even the cans of soda were all you can drink. Don't find that too often! The service was awesome and they kept the food coming. So much so that when I woke up this morning, I had a tummy ache. lol Still hopped on the bike to burn some calories though. I had to! Not after all that I ate. It was even too much to track in my food diary. Oh well.

Oh yeah....I had another meeting with the VP of Real Estate about my Petition and Petition Response - What Have I Done?. The meeting went well but not so well. I say that because, while my petition didn't ultimately get the response we were hoping for, it certainly brought attention to our desires to have our voices heard about the changes. But yeah....the merchant I was fighting for will have to move on. We lost. Sucks! I really thought we had a fighting chance for a minute. Now, I've kind of been elected as a sort of building ambassador to follow up after the new place has started running. Yup! The VP wants me to meet with him yet again into the new year to provide him feedback on how the new place is operating. Imagine that? We'll see what happens. I will say though, that he was quite impressed with my efforts to come forward on behalf of everyone regardless of the outcome. That was kind of nice. It was definitely an experience for me. Something "out of the box" I can say I did. Like I said from the beginning though...even if we didn't get our desired outcome, the merchant at least was able to see how much support he had and how much he will be missed. Just wish I could have been successful in getting him to stay.
Remember this?  lol. 

Anyways.....i'm off! Been a long day ending with hubby and me watching the new 007 movie. Very good!!


I'll try to post before we head off to Montreal! 
Oh....and still no word from Immigration. 

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