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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Immigration - Medicals Received

Well, I thought I'd be able to blog during my lunch or break today at work but that's not working. I'm having browser issues and not sure when I'll get it fixed. However, I was able to get on the Canadian Immigration website to see that we got an update. Finally!!


This is a good sign because it means that we are that much closer to completion. Woo hoo!! I couldn't wait to share the update so I'm using my blogger app on my cellphone to post. Just had to.

Don't worry.... I'll get back to my Montreal Weekend update. Looks like i'll have to get it done tonight on my laptop. Right now, this is so much more exciting. Not quite the birthday gift I was hoping immigration would give my husband.... But we'll take it! Hell yeah!

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for this process to be completed by the new year. That would be so awesome. There is still hope.

Ta ta for now!

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