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Friday, November 9, 2012

Access to Information and Privacy

Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)

I couldn't wait anymore.
Immigration still hasn't responded to my email and the website hasn't been updated with any information beyond August 31st.  After reading the Road to Canada Forum yesterday, my fellow forum stalker tlynn406 indicated that she was going to go ahead and take the advice given by computergeek and send for the GCMS Notes. (Global Case Management System) So, I decided that we would do the same. Computergeek is a member of the forum that had been dealing with their own Immigration application for PR for the last 3 years. 3 years!! It's been within the last few weeks that they finally LANDED and can call this process History. Over those 3 yrs computergeek has learned and shared soo much helpful information from their own experiences. Luckily for everyone else still trying to get to the finish line, computergeek is still on the Forum sharing their expertise. The answers this person gives is crazy. It's almost as if they work for Immigration themselves. lol Very detailed, including links, advice and examples.

An example of someone else's GCMS notes:

Someone posted online to get help understanding and someone else assisted.
I'm telling you, the internet is a wealth of information.  Man oh man! This example was actually found on a different forum from the one that I've been following. This, is what I have now requested for ourselves. If we are lucky, we won't even need them when we get them because we would have heard something by then. Like tlynn406 wrote to me on the forum: It's weird that I got a response right away and nothing for you. Maybe they're about to request something from you so they didn't feel the need to answer you.  Just in case she is wrong, at least we'll get an idea of what they've completed and haven't completed in the process.

Anyone else out there going crazy with their own wait on Immigration? Consider this option. IMM5563E.pdf (ATIP Form) It's free! Just takes 30 days and you are waiting anyways. And, you really and truly don't need to pay another website to order something you can order yourselves. Amazing how people make money doing the simplest of things for people.

One more thing to know....I'm feeling your pain!  I really am!

Anyways....Happy Friday!
I am sooo looking forward to the weekend.
Expression test - What is this a look of?  lol
 Did you get it? lol
More on that after the weekend.
Have a great one!

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