Oct 6, 2011 - "So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." Matt 19:6

Friday, November 16, 2012

Welcome To The Family

I was welcomed to the iPad family this week.
Or maybe I should say the iPad was welcome to MY family.  (To ME, actually. lol)

My hubby, true to form, went "all out".
He's been dropping hints since just prior to our First Wedding Anniversary that my birthday gift was going to be hard to top. lol Not that we were in any competition to top each others gifts or anything. But, I think that this was just a time where he didn't really have to think about what to get me...he knew, and was excited about it. Apple prices are pretty standard across the board so buying it in the US when we were out there didn't really make any sense, because we'd have to deal with bringing it across the border as a purchase. So, he had already planned to make the purchase when we were home. Besides, I have an Indian Status Card that would save us on taxes. And, it did.

Anyways, since returning home from our trip, Thanksgiving, we had discussed his interest in purchasing an iPad. He actually had me get some info to help decide if he was going to purchase one with 4G or just Wi-Fi. Also, I looked into the company discount that I get...which really wasn't worth bragging about. lol So, we didn't use it. He already knew that he was going to get 64gigs. So, on my way home from work I decided that I would make a stop at Future Shop to see about picking this iPad up for him. You know, surprise him...since I was already on a roll. In Advance of Your Birthday. Well, after speaking with the Sales guy I was given choices that I didn't plan for. What color would you like? Case options? Screen protector options? I had to slow his roll. After all, I was kind of in a hurry because we were supposed to be heading to church for our usual Married's Group and Supper. So, I told the guy that I would return WITH my husband in tow. There went that surprise! lol  When Furman met me outside to head to church I told him what my delay was. He didn't look too happy. lol

After church, we went to Future Shop and took care of that transaction. It was after it was purchased that Furman let me in on the surprise.....the iPad was the gift I've been patiently waiting for. lol Now I know why he didn't look too happy that I almost picked it up for him. The iPad was FOR ME!! Can you imagine if I bought my own gift? hahahaha The gift he wanted to make sure to pick up before we went away for his Birthday weekend to Montreal. (Now THAT, was an awesome surprise for him if I must say so myself. Can't wait.) And now, I've got an iPad for the train ride. Woo Hoo. I love my husband. He is sooo good to me.

So, i'll get to play with my new iPad this weekend.
He's been setting it up for me.

Oh...and I am actually looking forward to watching the football game on Sunday. Imagine that? I, want to watch football. My husband will be very happy. But I guess after watching it in the stadium I developed a new appreciation for the sport. lol

On that note.....Happy Friday and I want to wish everyone a wonderful and blessed weekend.

Don't forget to watch the Whitney Houston Tribute tonight on CBS.
When I hear this song....it brings tears to my eyes every time!!  RIP Whitney.

And I absolutely love R Kelly's music. I don't care what stupidness he has done in his personal life. You just can't dispute the man has talent. And, if God can forgive him, we all should too! Just sayin!

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