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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bienvenue Montreal

What an awesome weekend in Montreal!

Saturday started out with our first snowfall, which started to hamper our walk to the bus terminal to catch the GO Bus to Union Station. Just after we crossed the street to start our walk, a local bus coming noticed us with our bags and stopped to pick us up. What luck!

Our train ride to Montreal was lovely. The train made about 5 passenger stops on the way. I checked in on Facebook for each and every one of them. And, we shared some photos we took during our travels too. Took advantage of that free wi-fi. Why do the conductors come scan your train tickets after you leave the station though? What if there was a problem with your ticket? What to do, what to do?

Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth couldn't be more ideal to the train station. I swear, if we weren't going to tour the city we wouldn't have to go outside and we'd still be around everything. Les Halles de la Gare. Underground city of shops and restaurants spanning about 22 miles. It was soo cool. We didn't even realize till we were leaving that the same elevator that took us to our hotel room took us right down to the train station. lol So I had to laugh when someone I know shared on Facebook about their first trip by train to the Fairmont. They exited the train station to hop in a taxi and asked to be brought to the Fairmont. hahahaha Right upstairs. I know that had to be embarrassing. lol
But it's an absolutely beautiful hotel. Pricy. But then again, it's the Fairmont.

As we were getting settled in the room we checked out the amenities. You need to click on this photo to get the larger view and read the price list. Jaw dropping. Needless to say, we made sure there was no sleep eating or drinking. lol Not at $8.50 for a bottle of water!! And the cost of the snacks? $3.95 Granola Bar! Not sure what they are smoking. lol That just let me know that I was in trouble for dinner.

We had reservations at Fairmont's Beaver Club to celebrate my husbands birthday. So, after we got all unpacked and relaxed a bit...we got all dolled up for dinner. It was dress up night! Dinner was quite the experience, I'll say. They plate the food right in front of you. My husband had the Prime Rib and I got daring and tried the Filet Mignon of Buffalo. Yup..I actually ate Bison. Oh...but only after my appetizer which was the Duckling Foie Gras. OMG! It sounded cool on the menu till the waiter tried to explain what it was to me in his French accent. hahaha I almost said...Yeah...NO! But, I put on my poker face and stuck with it. I've had liver before but duck liver? I will never do that again. lol But hey, I can say I tried it. I was rewarded with a good choice in dessert. Lime Souffle with Tequila Sorbet. (Was getting my alcohol fix from my dessert and the Canadian Whisky gravy with my filet..lol) Man...it was good and looked awesome.

Then, they surprised us with an additional dessert to celebrate Furman's birthday and took a photo of us to memorialize the occasion. So we sat there wondering how they were going to get this photo to us.To finish off our meal, they brought us coffee and even that was a treat. haha They gave us a small tray with cubes of brown sugar, white sugar and crystalized sugar that the waiter joked would take 24hrs to dissolve. lol On the tray with the sugars were also a small bowl of whipped cream and another of chocolate shavings. Oh yeah! We got to decorate our coffee. It was awesome. And just when we thought we were done...they brought out a tray of chocolates. Furman loved that! A few were even shaped as a maple leaf. lol

Oh, and we found out how we were getting the photo they took. They brought it out to us. Awesome!!

Anyways....fast forward to Sunday. Trying my best not to write too too much here. Took my husband on a bus tour with Grayline Tours although I booked through Viator. Excellent tour. Got to see a bit of Old Montreal, Notre Dame Basilica, Olympic Stadium, St Joseph's Oratory and Mont Royal. Tour guide was great. Took a bunch of photos but there are way too many to share.

On Mont Royal.....
see Olympic Stadium in the background?

When our tour finished....we went on our own foot tour through Montreal to find a few recommended places for food. Schwartz' Deli and La Banquise for some traditional poutine. Line ups were popular so I guess that means the places we went to were great choices. Certainly got our exercise. My legs were sore for a few days after. We never got any Montreal Bagels though. I was very disappointed. To my sweethearts credit, he did offer to go get them for me. Gotta love him! Next time though!

Oh yeah....and I already mentioned about my difficulties blogging while I was away. lol I Tried So now, i'm trying to be choosy on which photos I share and what I write so i'm not going on and on.
On that note, I'll bring our little weekend update to a close. I made sure to write a few reviews on Trip Adviser for others already. After all, they were handy for me.

All in all....we had an absolutely awesome weekend. Montreal was cold, but we dodged the snow which suited us just fine. Getting home, we were practically dropped off at our door too. Thank you Go Transit. And...with the Toronto Argonauts winning the Grey Cup Game...I know a lot of Torontonians had a great weekend as well. lol

Now, I can't wait to give my hubby his Christmas surprise!!  Yup....already got it!

My Sweetheart!!
Happy Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life!!
My Soul Mate

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