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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oh Mannnn

I wasn't planning on blogging already but after the Wednesday I had.... I just had to.

Let me start with the positive.
After what was a rough day at work I had some awesome laughs in the evening when we got to church to join the Marrieds Ministries Group. After such a long commute home (of which I certainly won't be missing next week) we made a quick stop for a Costco hotdog to eat as dinner on the way to church. Got to class a bit late but I have to say that I am so happy we made it. We laughed the entire evening. Found a clip to show exactly what we were enjoying.
Mark Gungor - How To Stay Married And Not Kill Anyone.
(Sounds like advice that might come in handy...lol)

Watching this guy, I'm thinking the entire time... He can't be a Pastor, he's a comedian. Lol Seriously though. It was great. Absolutely awesome. Needed that, especially after the day I just had.

Now let me get to the negative. The day.
Change!  Don't know any other way to say it.
But, lots of people affected by changes and I won't say any more than that.
Certainly don't want to dwell on the negative.
I felt like I was in the middle of a battlefield, dodging bullets. It was crazy.
(Remember this....lol)
I survived!
That's a positive!
Counting my blessings.....again!

Today is my Friday. I plan to spend tomorrow resting my head after learning all this stuff that I gotta jump into next week. But tomorrow....it's hang out with my hubby day....and get ready for Montreal. Early morning Saturday departure.
I am soo ready to go!!

Dinner reservations at Le Beaver Club the evening we arrive. Our Montreal City Guided Sightseeing Tour is booked for Sunday. Looking forward to getting some great photos. Then, we get to figure out where we will be enjoying the Grey Cup Final.
Monday....well that is my hubby's Birthday!! We'll probably have time for a wonderful brunch before catching the train back to Toronto.

Thanks to my wonderful husband...I have an iPad. Welcome To The Family So I will definitely have something to keep me occupied while on the train, other than snuggling with hubby as we stare out the window to enjoy the scenery.

Well, since I probably wont blog again till i'm on the train, or at the hotel or..... I dunno. I'll wish everyone a wonderful weekend from now. As always....thanks for reading.

Oh.....and one more thing.........

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