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Monday, November 12, 2012

In Advance of Your Birthday

What a wonderful weekend.

I had been planning a surprise for my husband for his upcoming birthday. But, I wanted to give him notice. Didn't think it would be appropriate to spring it on him all of a sudden. Just in case......
So, I tried to come up with a creative way to give him the heads up.
Canadian City
Can you guess it?
Since my husband has been playing Words With Friends lately, I figured I would create our own Cookie Words with Family game. hahaha Basically, I baked some chocolate chip cookies and used some cookie icing to write letters on the cookies for him to guess the word that would be his birthday destination in a couple weeks. I planned, that after he figured out the word I would give him a homemade greeting card that I created to give him further details on the adventure.

I guess this was the look of frustration in him trying to figure out the word MONTREAL. He's not that familiar with Canadian cities. I knew that...but I knew he knew the word Montreal. Telling him it started with "M" didn't help though. I think he just wanted to eat the cookies. lol My daughter ended up helping him out. lol Yeahhhh...I wont try Cookie Words with Family again. lmao

Created with Lots of Love
and Thought
But he was happy when he opened my handmade card and saw a travel itinerary on the inside pages. VIA Rail. Yup....we are taking the train to Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth. Can't wait. Inside the card I wrote a little sumthin sumthin in Francais...lol With the English translation below it of course.

What a shot!
Oh...and to get this party started right....were football tickets for Sunday's Grey Cup Playoff game. Toronto Argonauts vs. Edmonton Eskimos. I was taking him to his first CFL Game. Oh boy..Football and Street Meat here we come! lol I had a feeling he'd love that because I watch him when he watches NFL on television, and trust me...watching him is entertainment in itself. lol My good friend helped me pick out some awesome seats too. Right in front of the 50 yard line and close to the field behind our team.  Woo Hoo!  I was sitting beside a true Argos fan too. He kept yelling and yelling "Go Argos". I knew I was going to have a headache at the end of the game. lol Some guys around us were blowing vuvuzelas and one guy behind us had some wind up thing that made the noise of a siren. It was soo cool. And...it was awesome to see the stadium stand up to honor the veterans for Remembrance Day as several photos appeared on the Video Board to celebrate the vets.

Next time he'll wear BLUE. lol
Not bad for our first game. This is how we topped off our weekend. Hated to have to miss church for it. But, we had a great day. And...Toronto won their game 42 - 26. While I may not have been a football fan before....I think I can get it now. lol Oh...and we stopped for a quick visit to see mom too. :)

Now.....we can countdown to our Montreal adventure!
Want my husband to have an absolutely wonderful birthday. While I may find it hard as hell to buy him something, I thought that taking him somewhere he has never been would be ideal. You know...show him a little bit of Canada!! It's going to be cold...but we'll be alright. We'll keep each other warm. I'm excited too, can you tell? I haven't been on a train since I was a little girl. I remember my last train ride clearly because I was with several family members headed to Nova Scotia and I was "acting up". lol Don't remember why I was acting up but I remember I got a good old fashioned spanking for it. lol I sure did. Right on the train. Oh yeah! Everyone talked about that for weeks. lol I don't think i'll get a spanking this time though. At least not on the train. hahaha

Please....NO SNOW!!
Yeah...I'm glad I didn't wait till a few nights before to tell him he needed to pack. I rather him have the opportunity to get on google and get some ideas of things he might want to see. I plan to take him on a bus tour anyways so he can see several Montreal "must see" places.  And, I definitely want him to have a wonderful meal so I made reservations at Le Beaver Club. I Love My Furman!!
Any other suggestions, please feel free to share. They would be appreciated.

I'll end this post by giving many thanks to our good friend Lorella at Valente Travel. She helped me with my travel arrangements. So...if you ever need some assistance yourself....look her up.

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