Oct 6, 2011 - "So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." Matt 19:6

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family Reunion

I did it!

I spent the evening at The Ex with my mom AND sister. Yup!
I know those who know that my sister and I haven't had a relationship in years are shaking their heads right  now wondering WTH?
Well let me tell you how it came about. lol
My mom's doing of course.

Last weekend when I spoke to mom she mentioned that her and my sister were planning on going to The Ex today and she asked me if I would come.
"Sure!" I answered her. Let me tell you, even she was shocked.
"Really?" she asked me.
All I could do was laugh and respond, "Of course".
I wasn't going to allow any issues with my sister keep me from hanging out with my mom, even if it meant hanging out with her too. Nope..I love my mom that much. Certainly we could be civil to each other for a day. After all, I do love my sister. She's my sister. So...that was the plan. Only thing was, my sister had no clue! Nope. Mom didn't let her know that I was part of the plan until earlier today. It was quite funny actually. Mom had been laughing about her trickery with someone at Bingo last evening. (You know, the fact that my sister didn't know.) Finding that out today was enough to let me know that mom was definitely plotting! lol It's all good. Mom always has good intentions. I think my sister was worried though. Right after she heard the news she sent me a text message to let me know she was going to be there because she figured I didn't know. She figured wrong. I guess she didn't want to take moms word for it that I knew. I knew alright. Her text surprised me actually. I had a little chuckle. Didn't know she even had my cellphone number anymore. Besides, I figured that she'd probably get a heads up from Facebook sometime in the week about my going. But, I was wrong there. lol
So...a date with my mom and sister it was. Let the awkwardness begin!

I went down to mom's house early to hang out with her, just the two of us. Went to lunch and walked around for a bit and then mom took a nap before my sister arrived. We both parked our cars and we all took transit together. I wasn't anticipating any issues with my sister. I really wasn't. (After all, people are one way behind a keyboard and another way in person). In fact, it went almost exactly as I expected it would. Both having separate conversations with mom but no conversations about anything with each other. How awkward is that? lol It wasn't that bad though. (I had others saying prayers for us..lol) We had some interaction with each other as we walked through the CNE grounds. Questions asked and answered about where to walk, etc. That's it really. Nothing personal, which suited me just fine. (Told ya Furman) Within the first 30 minutes of being there mom found her Bingo. She didn't play too much though. A few Bingo games, a few Crown and Anchor and Horseraces, but we mostly just walked around. We did stop at one point and share some laughs as we took some photos. Well, mom decided to wander off all of a sudden to stop by a tree and start posing. My sister and I looked at each other wondering WTH? Then we started laughing and both pulled out our camera phones. "Ok..she wants some pictures". Referring to mom. At a another point mom heard some music and even started to dance...we weren't quick enough with the camera's that time.

I had to share this photo that we took because the people in the background were cracking me up. They were having a picnic in the parking lot on the concrete. Seriously! Now, for those that have seen the original picture please forgive the omission of my sister. I didn't do that out of malice or anything. I'm just not trying to have certain people's photos in my blog without permission. Like there isn't enough drama between us already. That's all. But I wanted to show the photo.
My sister and my mom got a nice photo together where they were both trying to look all vogue and then the three of us got a nice shot together. Evidence!! hahahaha The photo taken from my camera with me and mom came out blurry. I wont even bother sharing that one here although I shared it on Facebook. I guess we looked soo good we made the guy nervous. haha Maybe the one he took with my sisters camera will look better but i'll probably never see that one because we aren't Facebook friends. After some previously nasty correspondence I made sure I couldn't get anymore inbox messages from people that aren't friends. You gotta do what you gotta do for your sanity sometimes. Love Facebook privacy settings.

Anyways...I wanted to make sure and update my blog because I know that there were several people that were aware of this so called Family Reunion that were curious of it's outcome. Ya'll can breathe now. We both got through it in one piece. Nobody got hurt. I told her before she came down that she could relax because I wasn't violent. lol (If I was she would have known already...trust me on that one). I even made sure to holler across the parking lot a goodbye to her after it appeared she had no interest in saying goodbye after we left mom. I could be wrong, i'm just saying. There were no hugs!

In speaking with a friend on the way home that had been home praying for us, she said that I should have told my sister that I knew she met them on her honeymoon. You know...open up conversation. Funny thing is..I actually thought about mentioning that to my sister when we were returning on the subway. Then figured...nawww. I'll leave it alone. It was awkward enough just being around each other let alone having conversation that had nothing to do with our issues.

Is this a start? A start of what? We both just wanted to hang out with mom, and mom....well i'm not sure what mom was trying to do. Did she just want to hang out with both of her girls or was she trying to fix something that is very broken? Who knows. My mom may have a mental illness but she is not stupid. Love my mom. My auntie better watch out though. She might be next on my moms trickery list. After all, my auntie raised my sister for 18 yrs. Them not having a relationship at all is just wrong! Especially for all these years. I don't care what the excuses are. But, that's just me! If that can't get fixed, then how can the relationship between myself and my sister get fixed?
Leaving it all where it should be....with God.

Now, I can go to church tomorrow and sing praises.
God is working.
24/7, 365!

Thanks to my mom for her effort and the laughs.
Thanks to my sister for the complaisance and civility.


  1. As always you know I had to read your blog. Love that you rose to the occasion as always and made it to be a day about Auntie enjoying herself and nothing more. I know how auntie loves spending time with you. She tells me herself every time I talk to her. Her words 'Trissy is my angel' Love my auntie J.

    Now about the reunion, I wouldn't even consider it as one. It was a day out with auntie and that's all that is important. Consider it an experience that you don't have to do again anytime soon.

    I love how auntie let you know but not your sibling. Hahhahaha. Auntie and her tricks I tell ya. And you're right, some people are one way behind a keyboard and as fake as a $3 dollar Canadian bill in the face of others. I like to use the term 'frauds' in these cases. These people are so consumed with hiding their fake traits to the eyes of people who see right through them. You know you are the same either way and you don't fit into that category and never have. What you see is what you get, straight up. It's the same way I am.

    Keep up with the bogging, its both therapeutic and good to share your experiences with other people. Your writing could be helping someone in a similar situation deal with something along the same lines.

    Keep smiling and keep doing what you do to keep auntie in her good spirits. Your presence is something that helps her to continue to heal a day a she'll ways need the support of her angel.

    1. It was a good day. It really was. To me.
      Unfortunately I am unable to post the few inappropriate msgs that resulted because it really has nothing to do with the blog but the persons personal issues with me that could have been discussed face to face. Instead, I get what I always complain about..the nasty messages. Cowardice.

      If you want to comment, leave the personal issues that do not pertain to the blog out of it and I will gladly post for all to read. Nothing to hide. All relevant comments welcomed. Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind.

      I thought my moms trickery was cute..that's why I shared it. However, she now knows not to try that again. Immaturity is still a factor. Love her for it though.

      I've said it once, I'll say it again..If people don't like my blog then don't read it. Simple as that. There are a lot of other blogs to choose from. Trust me. I certainly don't need the drama.


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