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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BINGO!!! Yeah...I said it!

What an awesome start to a busy week. I had to blog again because this never happens to me. For my regular blog readers you may have remembered that I mentioned a few times about my going to play Bingo with my mom and auntie. So, I had to come back to tell you that I finally played BINGO and Won! Lol. In fact, I won a couple times in the same session. Total winnings....$1050. Woo hoo! I can't say that I broke even winning a return of all the money I've spent because I don't go to Bingo that much so haven't spent that much. This means I'm ahead. Yay! Mom and my auntie are regular players.  So, I go on occasion to hang with them. Winning.... Is just a bonus. And, that is exactly what I did. After all, if you go on the right evenings, you can play a 6 strip for only $6. Seriously! Dolphin Bingo

Double Action
My first win was a $50 jackpot from a game called Double Action. The card has two different numbers in the same square and you are supposed to get two lines of Bingo to win. See my winning card. Lol When I called Bingo for this one, I don't think I was loud enough so my auntie backed me up to make sure they heard. lmao Mind you...it took forever for them to come and give me my winnings. A lady at the end of the table was getting worried for me. I wasn't worried though. I was with my auntie who knows almost everyone there. She knew I wasn't leaving that place without that $50. hahahaha I sent Furman a text message right away. Oh, and updated my Facebook status of course. Told him it was only $50, but he didn't care. lol Said a win is a win!

Final Jackpot
My second win was from the Final Jackpot. Gee... I had claimed earlier when I won that I was just getting warmed up. Hahaha. Guess I wasn't lying. After several games and witnessing someone win a $10,000 jackpot, it was down to the Final Jackpot game for me. Played my numbers trying to get a full card. Then the numbers I needed started coming out one after the other almost like they did for my Double Action win. Next thing I knew... I needed two numbers. N44 and I22. My table was put on high alert. Lol. Out came N44. Woo hoo! Excitement was kicking in. But like I said... I never win so wasn't really expecting to. It just would have been real nice. Auntie tapped the table or something with her dabber and scared the crap out of an Asian lady that sat in the corner seat. Lol We chuckled as she apologized for scaring the lady and explained that that was her way of calling out the number that was needed. Hahaha. But hey... It worked because on the tv screen was I22 and I couldn't wait for him to call it. Now, rules are you can't yell Bingo until after your last number needed is called. But, you know your next number because you get to preview and dab it as it is shown on a tv screen when it comes from the machine. Lol That's how you keep up with the game. My auntie knew I had this one under control. Lol She didn't need to help me out by yelling Bingo. Oh yeah... I had it all right. BINGO!,  I yelled. Threw my hands up in the air. Lol. Yup... Everybody knew I was new. Lol And... That I was now a $1000 richer. (Cheesing.. Lol)
Now...important to know. There are certain things that you are supposed to do when you win Bingo. Like....tip out the Caller. That's the guy that called the numbers. Oh...and tip out the Runner. The person that was on the floor that ran to your table and called back your winning card for verification.  Those are standard rules apparently. lol Don't do it, they'll talk about you!! lol Oh...and if you go to Bingo with people...you are supposed to give them something too. How much? I have no clue. But, something. And, I did of course. Besides...it's a nice thing to do...so why not? One thing I will say though....is don't get suckered into giving over half of your winnings. Seriously! Not unless you've made that arrangement ahead of time. Some people do that. They win and automatically give half to the other person they went with. It's a nice thing to do because either way you are still a winner. But, it's not a rule! lol So...if you are going with people...get the expectations sorted out ahead of time. lol Cause they'll talk about ya if you don't! lol These are the few things that I have picked up from all my Bingo experiences and things I've been told. If I am missing anything...enlighten me please. Most of my Bingo experiences have been from actually working. I used to be a runner at Delta Bingo to help out my old high school that was one of the charities. And, I used to help out the baton club my daughter used to attend that was also a charity at Bingo World, selling the cards. Charities get a cut of something to help out their associations. Great way to help cut costs to parents for clubs and stuff.

Anyways...enough talk about Bingo for now because this could go on if we start getting into why people shouldn't be playing it for money, etc., etc. To me, to each his own. I won't judge. I know for seniors it definitely keeps the mind sharp. It's just sad to see how much money is spent by those that really can't afford it...like my mom. But, it's what she likes to do and I certainly would never try to take that from her. Besides, when I can't find her...I know where she is. hahahaha That's why I take advantage of the opportunity to do something that both her and my auntie like to do...and play with them. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!!  lol
                            And no...i'm not literally calling my mom and auntie birds. lol I'm just trying to be funny. You know the saying. lol Don't act like you don't.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!

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