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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Processing Deadline

Holding on a while longer..(THIS IS DEPRESSING)..but now I have something updated to work with.

Visa OfficeProcessing Times
(based on a complete application package)
Bogota – Colombia16
Buenos Aires – Argentina13
Caracas – Venezuela22
Detroit – United States12
Guatemala City – Guatemala26
Havana – Cuba10
Kingston – Jamaica16
Lima – Peru15
Los Angeles – United States10
Mexico City – Mexico12
New York – United States11
Port-au-Prince – Haiti9
Port of Spain – Trinidad and Tobago15
Santiago – Chile15
Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic14
Sao Paulo – Brazil9
Seattle – United States10

So, today on the Forum someone brought to everyone's attention that the Application Processing times has significantly changed from 90 days to 66 days. That's for Step 1 that I have completed already. (You see....vacations are over and people have gone back to work. lol) Their comment prompted me to go ahead and have a look at the website. With all the changes that have been going on with the closure of the Buffalo office and such, they hadn't updated the site in a while for Step 2. Low and behold, having a look at Step 2 brought me this updated table. Yup...finally updated as of August 20th, and done quarterly. They removed Buffalo from the list and added the individual Visa offices that are processing the applications. Ie. Detroit, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle. Clearly, you see that I have highlighted the office that we are waiting on. lol

It's a LONG ROAD!!
Unfortunately, the 10 months is CONSECUTIVE to the time it already took for us to complete Step 1. So yeah...we completed Step 1 early May and that's when our clock started over. This means that as of today, we can possibly be waiting another 6 months for completion of our application before we would really be able to contact them and ask them what on earth is going on. Say it isn't so!! Like I said earlier...THIS IS DEPRESSING!! But, many others have had their applications completed in 6-8 months from beginning to end. My friend Art is a great example of that. He should be ready to Land here in October to join his wife. Why are we the unlucky ones? Ok Ok...I need to get a grip. There is still hope. We are now completing our 7th month of waiting and starting our 8th month from the very beginning. Hopefully we can also fall into the 6-8 month group. My fingers are still crossed.

At least now I have a Processing Deadline. And, you can better believe that if this drags out that long, that I will be on the phone with them a day after that 10 month mark. Oh gosh....that's all the way in.....March of 2013! Oh, but let's look at the positive. Always gotta look at the positive. Right? We aren't Guatamala!! Did you see that? 26 months! And that's just for Step 2. Holy cow!! Another positive - Furman's Visitor Record is good till May of 2013. 
For now....I'm holding on to falling into that 6-8 month mark. Let's see what happens. Come on September! Holidays are over, back to work people!! lol Government workers usually take lots of summer holidays. You know i'm right!! lol

Anyways....I just wanted to bring this to your attention as it was brought to mine. We have a Processing Deadline to work with now. And yes...WE STILL HAVE TO WAIT!!!  lol Only, for the next little while, we'll be waiting apart.

Miss my Furman!!

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