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Friday, August 24, 2012

Ready To Get Dirty!!


Friday is finally here and tomorrow is Mud Hero!!!
Can't wait! It's going to be soooo much fun.  Toronto Course Map-Obstacles Looks like we've managed to coordinate us all wearing white t-shirts so we can look like a team. Several of us decided to get something printed on them. Oh, but I won't mention what that is quite yet. I wanna wait until we get some pictures!!! You are going to laugh though. lol I've slacked off the last few days on my workout...but, i'm ready! With this race, it's about having fun and not about your time. If you can't do an obstacle, you don't have to do burpees like with the Spartan....naw, you just have to wait a few minutes and you can skip to the next obstacle. lol I wont be skipping obstacles though. Hell no! I can't punk out like that. lol I gotta make my Furman proud! I gotta make myself proud. My kids....they are off in their own worlds not concerned with the crazy stuff that their mom is doing. lol

This is our last weekend together for a while. Not sure what else we will try to cram into it before Furman leaves Monday morning. I'm going to miss him sooo much. You have no idea! He's been watching the path of Issac to project any possible delays in his travel back to Florida. Either way, he'll get there.

  So far...looks like he might be ok.

Remember I told you in my previous post how Furman went to Wonderland with some family friends. Well, he had a great time as expected. He definitely wants me to check out Splashworks. lol He was telling me about how in his day he was in line for one of the rides, and a young kid waiting behind him fell in love with the drawstring Bob Marley bag he was carrying.
It was a nice bag. This isn't it but the one he has was just as nice. lol Anyways, being the awesome person that my husband is, he took his stuff out of the bag and gave the bag to the kid - a complete stranger. He sure did. He was telling me about the kids reaction and how shocked he was that a complete stranger gave him something soo cool. lol He even laughed about the reaction of the kid that he was travelling with. hahaha After all, if he knew that Furman would just take and give away his bag, then he probably would have shown his own love for the bag. Too funny. Knowing my husband, I know that when he is back in Miami he'll probably pick up a few. What did I tell you already? Good Moral Character.

Enjoying himself at Wonderland on Wednesday, he ended up going alone back to Wonderland for something to do on Thursday. Yup...that's my hubby. He's crazy!  hahaha He said he really just likes to pick me up from work. lol Isn't he such a sweetheart?

Photo: Back to school office Backpack Program!  Supplies for 57 kids.
Yesterday....I spent the day getting our Backpacks together for the Backpack Program. I swear I thought it would only take me a few hours. Took me all darn day. The employees in our office did amazing. Most came from another office in the same building...but we still managed to fill quite a few backpacks. 57 to be exact!! Who knows how many last minute donations will come in on Monday. That's when I want to have them picked up or dropped off so that the kids receiving them have them in time for school. I think it's just awesome to see how people can be so giving. Society needs more of that.

Anyways....just wanted to touch base before the weekend like I usually do. I'll update everyone on our race AFTER the weekend. Hopefully i'll have some cool photos and/or video to share. We might even check out the Toronto Buskerfest for something else to do. Sunday.....I just wanna hang with my Furman.

No Immigration updates! Surprise, surprise.
I've been checking the website to see if they've at least updated my name as per my email to them about my new passport. But, they haven't even done that. Maybe I need to look forward to September. Maybe they've been on skeleton staff over the summer. I just don't know. lol So, i'm making excuses for them. It'll be interesting if they request Furman's passport while he is back in Miami. Why? Because the next step is for them to do that. He would have to send in his passport and wait for them to do whatever they do in preparing his Permanent Residency. If he has to do that while he is in Miami....hmmm? He just might have to come back to Toronto before we send in his passport. That way, he'll be with me while waiting for its return.

I've already booked my next flight. After all, we've got our First Anniversary coming up! Woo Hoo. Oh yeah..the day before my birthday. How can we forget? hahahaha Was I good or was I good with that plan? lol I won't even tell you what our plans are. Oh no...not yet. lol

Have a great weekend everyone!
For us....it's gonna be REAL DIRTY!!  hahaha

Next post....Furman will probably be gone.

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