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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Changes - Sponsorship Application

I was hoping to avoid this but....the immigration office is taking wayyyy too long.
My passport expires next week.
Remember I guesstimated that I should hear something by the end of July based on other timelines I've read about? Well, I haven't heard anything more since our Sponsorship Approved and it's pissing me off now. lol  I know that we are Finally In System but they aren't updating.
July came and went.
Now I understand that they've recently made a lot of changes with office closures and stuff, Restructuring of North American Processing - Bulletin. Work now being redirected to other offices. But come on!! Our stuff was soo organized a child could get through it in no time. My friends application for Permanent Residency only took 6 months. Did our application sent to Los Angeles actually hurt us? Or can we blame this so called restructuring? Either way, we can't do a darned thing about it. So, we still wait. Patiently. haha

Anyways, like I said, my passport expires and since my name has changed I cannot renew my passport but I have to get a new one. Completed everything online, printed, signed and decided to show up at the passport office today. I'm trying to make plans for my first anniversary and that's hard to do without a new passport ready to travel. So, I had to get it done ASAP. I was the first in line. Yup. 7am after dropping my son to work. That worked out well. I'll have to exercise later. A man came to the line shortly after I got there and started laughing that I had beat him to the first spot. "The early bird catches the worm!" I said as I laughed with him.

I sat on the cold floor for the hour, almost hour, reading Fifty Shades of Grey on my iPhone. I'm not much of a video game person. So reading was just great. And what I was reading was even better.

It wasn't too bad actually. They had a pretty good system set up. Security gave us numbers in the lobby and at about 7:55 they allowed 10 of us to go up at a time. I was actually at the kiosk and out of the office within 10 minutes. No worries about having to get to work on time after all. And guess what? The slip of paper they gave me indicated that the mail out date for my passport will be August 23rd. Quick eh? Pretty much what I expected though.

Now...to make plans to join my hubby in Florida next month, so we can possibly fly off somewhere to celebrate our first year as husband and wife. Oh, and we have to eat the rest of our wedding cake that has been in the freezer waiting for October 6th. lol Nope...Furman wont have to put his new baking skills to work at all. We got leftovers! Special leftovers.

As for our Immigration Application... Looks like I will have to send them an email once I get my new passport. Although most of my identification had already been changed to my new name within the first week of being married, the Sponsorship Application had to go in the name that appeared on my Passport. So, that's what I did. I was lucky to officially be Mrs White on paper almost right away. Many others that I've heard have had to wait like 60 days to receive their actual marriage certificate in order to get the changes started. Not me...they took the registry certificate that we were given in Jamaica. No need to wait for the actual license. Started with my drivers license, then health card and everything else was pretty much a phone call.

Now, i'll be Mrs White on my passport. Didn't want to deal with my passport before it expired because of our application with immigration and because I would have lost time I already paid for. They wouldn't have dated the new passport when my old one expired. Oh no.

You know what though...maybe my having to email immigration about updating my information to reflect what is on my new passport will be a good thing. They will have to look at our file to make the changes which might remind them that they got work to do!! Just saying! We'll see. Things that make you say hmm?

Anyways...I've rambled enough for the day. Got to get back to work. Break is over! I've been covering for two people which has helped my days fly by. Love getting home to my husband and his cooked meal, watching Young and the Restless and relaxing together before its time to go to bed and do it all again tomorrow.

What's up with Victor Newman these days? smh

Did something really happen to him?

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