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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Someone Is Looking

Immigration Update - Someone Is Looking

I say this because now when I check the Immigration Website for a status, Furman's home address in Miami has now been updated in the database and showing online. Before, it just showed his name and application status. This is a good sign.  Also, they have now updated the Sponsorship Application status part to read "Decision Made". This was not done in May when they informed me by email of the Sponsorship Approval. Someone is looking at our stuff so that gives me reason to smile.

Sponsorship Application(s)
Sponsored Person
Sponsorship Application Status
Permanent Residence Application Status

Now, if they can just move it along a bit faster all will be good. lol Honestly though...I'm expecting something by the end of July. So really and truly, I don't think I can complain as of yet. I'm patient.


We've got a very busy next several weeks ahead of us with my daughter finishing school and then her baton season, and getting into summer. We've got a few out of town trips planned too. So yeah...time will fly! Hopefully in that time too, my son will be preparing to continue his studies. We'll see. Fingers crossed.

Called my father the other day. Got his voicemail - as usual. Sometimes I think he sits there and listens to me speak without picking up the phone. (There is nothing like calling or texting someone who ignores you!..Ugh) I try not to take it personal but remember what I've always told my kids over the years, "It's not always about you!" I've never known my father although I know who he is and where he is. Aren't I lucky? I used to wonder if it was better to not know him at all versus knowing what I do know and being rejected. Gheez. Soo many different life stories of things that people go through. I'm no different. Things could be worse. Count the blessings right?

Recently, late last year really, I found out that he has been getting treated for the Big C. I'm not sure what kind though. But, instead of him taking the opportunity to get to know me, he still Rejects. I don't blame him though. It's been many many years without him being a part of my life and I can only imagine how difficult that would be for him. Guilt, etc. I'll keep calling him from time to time to leave a message because that's just me and what I think to be right. One day he might give in and answer the phone. Till then, i'll keep getting acquainted with his answering machine and let him know that he is thought of. (I've been lucky a few times with an answer - guess I broke him down!! lol). I keep that door open for him to reach out. I pray for him too. Rejection - I know all about it. I won't say that I am used to it, after all, how can anyone get used to it. But, I am oh so familiar with it. It makes me stronger, or so I am told. Love makes me continue to try. I may not know him, but he is my father and I still have love for the man I don't know.

As a parent, I could NEVER reject my child. I don't care what they did. They are going to make mistakes and it's my job to continue to love them and steer them into the right direction if I can. Of course, as they get older, the steering part gets harder because they are determined to do what they are going to do regardless of what you say. It's almost like witnessing a sinking ship. Sink or swim? All we can do is sit back and watch their lives unfold, and be there for the good and bad times. Control what we are able to control, and that would be the things that affect our own lives. After all, children have lives of their own.

Anyways, I just thought I would share this part about calling my father because it, and something else similar, was on my mind.  Maybe one day i'll have a blog post completely different about how I got to meet him or something. lol By that time, Furman might be officially HOME and I may have moved on to a completely new Blog. Till then, life goes on - it has to. You can't sit by the phone waiting for people to call you back when they have no interest in talking to you. You can't keep checking your phone every hour hoping for a text message from someone that has no interest in texting you back. Sometimes, it's not about you...they just have some STUFF that they have to deal with. You just gotta pray and hope they deal with their stuff sooner than later. That's why, I try to show love by keeping a door open in case they want to come through.

Thank God for the strength God continues to give me and the heart God continues to hold.

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