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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Road To Canada

Still no word from Immigration!

I've been checking the website almost daily for any update at all but sadly get nothing. From what I have read, it's not unusual. I'm told I may get an update one day and an official letter the next. So really, they aren't very good at letting you know where they are in the process of completing your application.  What I do know, is that while our application is updated on the CIC website as being In Process, that the next update we are hoping for would be the confirmation of receipt of Furman's medical documents.  
The medical is something that had to be done prior to sending in the application for permanent residency that is only good for a year. That, along with an FBI check. When the medical was completed, the Dr gave Furman a letter that was to be included with our application sent to Immigration.  Apparently this letter was to show proof that the medical was completed.  It is also to assist them with retrieving the medical information from the Ottawa office that the Dr would have sent the test results to. We don't know what the letter said because the letter wasn't opened and copied previous to mailing the documents to Immigration. Now, before you might think that that may have been a dumb idea not to copy it, note that the letter the Dr gave Furman was in a sealed envelope addressed to Immigration. lol So there! Why open something not addressed to you? From others, I have since learned that this letter had a bar code and everything on it so that his medical stuff could be found and forwarded to the Visa Office processing our application. So now, we are waiting for them to find them or at least let us know that they've found them. lol

I've been reading these awesome Forums online. Particularly the Road to Canada Forums. OMG! This website has a wealth of information shared by many going through the Immigration process themselves. If that's you...I definitely recommend you signing up. Through these forums you are able to learn so much, getting clarification on things, advice, and overall reassurance that things are happening. 

Everyone kind of provides their own timeline so that you have an idea of how long its taking them or had taken them to get from start to finish - Landed. You certainly get to read different stories of obstacles that people came across and how they overcame them. At the same time, it can cause you a bit of stress worrying about whether something that happened to someone else might also happen to you. Ie. the loss of medical documents by Immigration. There is one person, RobsLuv, identified as a administrator that is a wealth of information too. I swear this person must work for Immigration or be an Immigration lawyer or something. They seem like they are able to answer almost everything, providing links for people to read, links to forms, etc. I've learned so much so far and it has helped to follow others going through the same process. After all, my friend is pretty much landed now...so I've had nobody else to follow. lol  Not to mention that it feels good being able to help answer questions and/or encourage someone else on their journey.  Right up my alley!

I even learned today that the Buffalo Visa Office had a closure. Can you imagine? Buffalo Visa Office Closure Notice  I am soo happy that our application was sent to LA now. lol Ya see...everything does happen for a reason. One thing I will say I've noticed though, is that through reading other people's timelines, it certainly does seem like the Detroit Office is moving at a great pace. But, i'll anxiously await updates from LA, along with the others I've found on the forum whose applications are being processed in LA also. 6 months....6 months...that is what I am hoping for....to have this whole thing done by July so that when we go to Florida as a family we are officially Bringing Furman Home!

As for today though.....Still no word from Immigration!

In other news though...my daughter got her braces off today. You gotta know how excited she is about that. Now she can enjoy running her tongue along her teeth and enjoying the smoothness. Now, she can eat everything and anything she wants...although my husband probably figured she did that anyways..lol I think she had them on for about a year and a half. Personally, I didn't think she needed them in the first place. But, she wanted them. How could I tell her "no" after my son had them when he was young? Did he really need them? I don't even remember now. So, she asked for them and got them, at a time when braces on a teenager is common enough for her to not be singled out and made fun of. I don't blame her for wanting them. I wish having braces was an opportunity that I had. I certainly wasn't going to get them as an adult. Both of my children are absolutely stunning if I must say so myself. Braces or not. My daughter is gorgeous and my son is handsome. (See my big smile?..lol)  But with braces coming off today, I have a reason to celebrate too...it means I am pretty much finished paying for them. hahahaha  Those things are not cheap! Gheez....a used car in my opinion. So now...i'll be free too. Free of payments. Yay! Think i'll head out and buy myself a treat. That's an additional $250 that I can start to save. Woo Hoo!!  What to do? What to do?  lol

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