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Monday, June 11, 2012

So Special - Winning!

What a weekend!

I went to my Ladies Prayer Breakfast on Saturday and after hearing a testimony from one of the ladies about stuff that she had gone through and is still dealing with, I was reminded just how blessed I am. How lucky my children are. I received confirmation that I had made the right decision about something that had been bothering me the last few weeks. I received prayer for wisdom, strength and guidance to keep me moving forward. I felt better about something that had been tearing me apart.

Then, in the afternoon my husband and I went with our church to feed the homeless at a new location. My daughter wasn't able to come with us this time because she was lucky to get a shift at her job. Those have been hard for her to get for some time now.  The new location is in Regent Park, an area that has been ungoing some ethnic cleansing...oops, I mean Revitalization. The Christian Resource Center is the new building recently opened in the community where we were feeding the homeless. Let me say, the site is beautiful. So much more spacious than where we were previously at the Good Neighbors Club.

Our church was serving the dinner which was meatballs, rice, salad and buns that came from donations solicited from the church congregation. They really did pull through. At the end of the day, we had about 15 boxes of meatballs that hadn't been used that we were able to leave at the center. Funny thing is, the other church we worked with that was in charge of desserts actually ran out. lol If my memory serves me correctly, Kingdom Covenant Ministries is a bigger church than my own. I've been there before when the church was called Deeper Life. It was a proud moment knowing how our church congregation provided. Next time, we serve desserts. My husband...well, he was the kitchen clown. lol He was hilarious and had everybody laughing and having fun. Typical! Everybody always loves him and it's never a question why. Just check out a few of these photos. lol

After feeding the homeless I picked up my mom for a sleepover. I had told her the week before that if she didn't have any plans that she was welcome to come for the night and we could hang out on Sunday. She remembered, as she always does, and called me to get her. It was hilarious when she came to the house and saw the bedroom she would sleep in. My son previously had it decorated in a way I tried to get him to change. Eventually, Furman got to it and made it look like a different spot. So, my mom commenting on how it used to look was quite funny.

I felt special this weekend. Didn't know it at the time, but I certainly know it now.
Apparently my mom was expected to be at a bridal shower being held for my sister on Sunday. If you remember, my sister and I don't have a relationship AT ALL. Not A Grudge - A Choice A true testament to the relationship that I have with my mother is in finding out that my mother chose to hang out with me instead. I feel so special - and loved. She chose to be with me!! I know my family will probably claim different. I can hear them now with their stories, although another aunt clarified for someone my mother's intentions based on what my mother had said to her. I didn't even know. Didn't know if she had forgotten or what. After all, I wasn't invited which is to be expected. lol Then again, my mother doesn't forget ANYTHING! Wanting to make sure I wasn't keeping my mom from something, I made sure to ask my mom after church if she had plans for the day, anywhere she was supposed to be, etc. Made sure Furman was my witness. Just in case I had to take her back home to meet her ride to the shower. But nope..mom said she had nothing to do. So, we hung out for the day.  Can only hope that one day my kids will want to spend time with me like that. hahaha Always love being with mom.  We can never make up for time we missed over the years but we can certainly make the best of what we have now. My sister is apparently getting married in a few weeks. Now, I don't know if my mom even wants to go to her wedding but I'm sure that with my family around she wont have much of a choice, so my sister is lucky. lmao

In other great news.....Could you imagine WINNING $10,000 at BINGO? I can't. I'd be ecstatic winning $1000 or even $2000, but $10,000?  Well, someone dear to me did just that! I must say that there is nobody more deserving of this win. I am soo happy for her. I just really hope that with whatever she does, that she does something special for herself! Really! Doing stuff for other people is nice sometimes, especially if you know they appreciate it. But, too many times we do things for other people that don't show appreciation and we neglect ourselves. She, is one of those people. Congrats to her again if she comes across my blog. Make sure to save some of that for a rainy day!



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