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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Definitely Not A Winning Evening

Well, I hosted my Second GFS (Girlfriend Social) Event (First GFS Event) and let's just say, that things didn't turn out exactly as planned.

When I left work to head to the meeting place (Tim Hortons), the battery light on my instrument panel in my car was lit. Hmmm? So I drove off wondering "what could be the problem?". As I continued to drive toward my destination, several other lights from the instrument panel decided to light up. "This can't be good" I thought. So, expecting the car to die on me at any moment, I tried to stay in the curb lane. But, I made it to my destination. When I was parking, I knew that the smart thing to do would be to park in a spot that would be easily accessible to a tow truck. Just in case. Yup...I was smart. When I parked and shut the car off, it didn't want to crank again. The car was dead!

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I was in kind of a rush though, so couldn't really deal with it at the moment. So, I left it parked safe and sound in the Bingo parking lot and headed across the street to Tim Hortons. Couldn't keep the ladies from GFS waiting, if they even show up. lol I had no clue how many would come to this event although I expected about 4. While at Timmie's waiting, I got on the phone and called my husband to give him the news. He headed out to meet me while I contacted CAA Roadside Assistance. I couldn't go anywhere. I had no way to cancel the event last minute. So, I waited. Mom came to meet me (pre-arranged) and then went to save a table for us.

Two ladies came. By 6:30pm CAA was at my vehicle, so I had to go tend to that. The ladies that arrived agreed to wait around for a few more minutes for any possible latecomers and bought some coffee before heading over to the Bingo Hall to meet me. Nobody else came. Where was everybody? Mind you, of the two ladies that came, one had said she was coming and the other didn't RSVP but came along with the first lady. It was about 3 others that just didn't show. But, a friend from work met us there so there was me and three.

My auntie was there as usual. She had a table reserved for us with FOOD!  Love her!! She made her famous egg rolls along with some homemade banana bread and lemon loaf. She fed us!! Although, it was clearly hard to play Bingo and eat at the same time if you were new. The ladies were fairly new to the game. lol As one eventually pointed out, "it's much different from playing Bingo on a cruise ship". hahaha I know that's right!! Before we started, I made sure to explain how to play and even gifted them a complimentary Bingo dabber that I purchased for the occasion and tied with a cute ribbon at the cap for presentation.

Meanwhile, my husband was outside dealing with my car problems. Love him!! Have I mentioned how awesome my husband really is?  Yeah yeah....I know I have. Smh :)
The tow truck driver came and believed the problem to be the battery and not the alternator. So, while I played Bingo with the ladies, my husband was on a mission to change my car battery. Problem was, after he did all that, the battery light on the instrument panel was still on. Must be the alternator after all. Smh. He stuck around and waited for me to finish playing Bingo with the ladies. Good thing auntie had food. lol

After Bingo, he followed me to the mechanic shop to drop off my car for them to get in the morning. Here's where we see the difference between Miami mentality and Toronto upbringing. He is worried about where to leave the key for the mechanic to get in the morning. Me, i'm not overly concerned. Just find a spot around the car to hide it. lol It'll still be there in the morning. Not in Furman's experience though. The car would be found completely stripped or something. Well Furman, welcome to Canada....it's not that bad for the most part. lol


In the morning, my car was safe and sound as expected. (Although the mechanic tried to mess with me a bit to make me think my car was gone). Funny guy! When he had a chance to check it out he confirmed - the alternator was the problem. I can say that I already had that figured out. How? I Google everything!! lmao Actually, so does Furman. My kids laugh at me sometimes but hey, it makes it seem like I am smarter than I am. hahaha
So, I will share what I found to be useful in case it can help you.
How to Respond When Your Car's Battery Light Goes On
All in all, it was less than $500 to repair, which includes the new battery that Furman bought. I'm happy.
Not sure how these things just up and stop working. I didn't Google that part yet. For a minute, I actually considered that maybe the dealership did something to my car after I had taken it there for a recall last week. lol Yeah...they tried to hustle a $1000 off me to repair a water pump they claimed was leaking but isn't. Don't trust Dealerships!!  But, as good as the car has been to me over the years, I really can't complain about this repair. Love my Lexus!

Anyways.....i'm off to get my baby back!
And to be silly, i'll finish with this..................................

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