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Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Been A Week....

I think this may be the longest that i've gone without blogging since I started.
Please forgive me!
But, i'm back.
You couldn't get rid of me that quickly. lol

Some information has been provided at work that has resulted in many limiting their personal internet use on the job and during breaks. Just don't want to use office computers right now unless you have to. That includes me! Let's just say that Big Brother is watching!! lol
Long story that i'll save you from. And with the week I've had, I've just been too tired to sit on the computer and start blogging. But, i'm doing it now at the end of my work day before I head to my dance class.

Speaking of my dance classes....I finally have a couple awesome pictures to share of my progress that were taken on Tuesday during the final day of my Beginner/Intermediate Class. So proud of myself I must say.
The is the V-Spin Static Hold.
Yes....I can actually do a spin in this position!!
This is the Diamond Spin Static Hold
I can spin around the pole in this position too!
Umm yeah....I know you noticed the girl in the green behind me in an inverted position. How could you not? lol No, I can't do that yet. Haven't tried. She's from the Intermediate Class....my next level. I'm not sure if we learn to do that or if she skipped ahead because she has her own pole at home. But, it's pretty cool and I can't wait to be able to do those moves teoo. But I've improved a lot since my Second Class. That much I can say with certainty. So happy it makes me want to dance to my jam of the week...I've been wearing it out.

I also met another woman from Girlfriend Social. I've certainly got a handful of wonderful women to keep in contact with now. First GFS Event. Oh...and did I mention that I got New Neighbors again. Certainly much different from the last ones we had. We expect it to be much quieter for the time being. Yay!!! Two men with NO children or pets, lol...and No, they aren't a couple.

So ya see....it's been a busy week. Meeting new people here and there, finishing up my dance classes.....Oh, and working out like it's nobody's business. I have been enjoying going to the gym with Furman 5:30 in the morning. Yup! We go get an early workout then get home and get ready for work. Then, I go workout at the gym on my lunch break with my co-workers....plus dance twice a week. Didn't I tell you I was keeping busy? And....i'm still in training for my 15k A Midsummer Night's Run. So happy Furman is doing it with me and my dear friend Catie.

Anyways, I will bid you all adieu.
I just wanted to quickly blog you let you know that I haven't abandoned my post as some bloggers have. I'm not there yet. lol
All is well...we're just keeping busy.
Furman is enjoying his job and I must say, he has definitely made himself at home there too.

Have an awesome evening......like Arnold said in Terminator....    


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