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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Passport Delivered to LA - Happy New Year!

After several days and holiday delays, it has been confirmed that the passport has been safely delivered to the Los Angeles Immigration office safe and sound.

It's had quite a trip I'll tell ya. Lol

So now, we wait....one more time.  


Almost finished this whole process. 2013 will definitely be a different year.

Happy New Year to Everyone!
May this year bring you everlasting happiness and peace, success in whatever you do, prosperity to you and your family and fills your home with joy and laughter.


As this was our very first New Years Eve together, we spent a quiet evening at home alone. Just enjoying each others company and being happy to be together. Furman and I are both not party people. I guess we've done enough of it in our day. Lol.
And today, for New Years Day.....we went to a friends house for brunch that took us right into the evening. Now we're exhausted. We lost track of time eating sooo much food, then we played Dirty Santa (the gift exchange game). I had to google for the rules because I wasn't quite sure. This game is usually something we do at our office Christmas Luncheon when we go to a nearby restaurant. This year, didn't happen. Company wasn't allowing us to manage our time like we usually do. So, was nice doing it today. We had jokes when one of the gifts opened was a Holy Toast Bread Stamp. Lmao.
Don't ask!


After Dirty Santa though, we broke out into a few other games: charades, some improvisation, word scramble....but the most fun of all was Bible Taboo. I gotta get me that game! I've played regular Taboo at family dinners with my own extended family, but Bible Taboo? I had no clue it existed. I'll be ordering that real soon. You certainly don't need to know the Bible to play, but it definitely helps depending on the word you get. Lol Oh, and I have since learned that there is such a game as Bibleopoly.

 I'll be looking for this game.

Thanks to our dear friends for including us in such a wonderful day.
Great way to start the New Year off.

Anyways.....I'm off to relax for this last stretch of holidays (Last few hours before i'm knocked out..lol). Back to work tomorrow and as I mentioned, I'm exhausted.
Have enjoyed my holidays immensely. Memories were definitely made.
Now, I can take the Christmas Tree down. I don't usually take it down until after the New Year has been rung in. So, I guess it's time.
Ok...so i'm yawning....this brings me to a close.
Hope everyone has an awesome week.
And for those that have made New Years Resolutions....Hope you can stick to them.
Good luck with that.
I don't even bother....

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