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Friday, January 11, 2013

"Get Fit" Resolutions

Well, as expected, the gym has been busy.
Must be all those "Get Fit" Resolutions.

I don't go to the neighborhood Goodlife Fitness, Extreme Fitness or LA Fitness gyms....oh no...I go to a small little office gym in the basement of our office building. Oh, but it has everything we need. It really does. And...the price is simply fabulous! Wont mention it here...because I don't want it to get out that they are being too generous or something. lol Just wish I could bring my hubby with me. They limit it to employees only. Smh. Understandable. Furman says that we are sooo lucky to have it. lol I guess he's right. I don't think a whole lot of people use it. Although it appears to be a bit busy lately. I'm sure that will die down soon though. Sad, but true. That's the thing with resolutions.

Classic Workout Tune  lol

Calorie CounterAfter the New Year, I got back into my usual routine (Not a resolution) of going to the gym every day at work. In fact, the first week back after the holidays, I doubled up. I went in the morning before my shift, and then went again in the afternoon. I needed the extra cardio to burn off those holiday calories. Oh...and I think I did. The scale was a tad bit lighter the other day. lol Just a tad.

This week, I've been following Furman's Workout Program. Seriously! He spent the time to put together a plan for me that consists of different exercises to work different parts of the body on a daily basis. Thank you so much my love. When he gave it to me, I had to do some research and modify it to add pictures so I knew what was what. lol

These ones had me laughing.
With this being my first week using it, I definitely identified where my weaknesses are. hahaha Several times during my workout all I could do was shake my head (Smh). The two exercises I share at the side had me laughing because I clearly tried doing my first set with a weight that was too much. Oh boy. Second set I reduced it a tad and that still was too much. Third set....Man oh man...I need some work. But at least now I know what weights to start with for each exercise. Pretty soon his program will be ingrained in my mind after much repetition, so I don't have to refer to any paper reference or my iPhone. Well, i'll probably always refer to my iPhone because i'm logging everything I do. I still go twice a day to the gym, when I can get here early enough. The holiday traffic enabled me to get here quick speed...that holiday traffic is now gone. So, it's hit or miss when I can stroll in with enough time to workout. I prefer morning workouts too....nobody is really there.

Today is my "Rest Day". According to my program, i'm supposed to be doing some stretching and yoga. My body is a little achy...but no pain, no gain. I was actually planning on going to the gym today for some more cardio because I plan to indulge in some Red Lobster this evening with a dear friend. My hubby and daughter might be joining me to surprise my friend. That didn't quite work out. The cardio I mean. I forgot my gym clothes at home. So...I'll have to burn off tonights calories sometime this weekend. lol I've already logged what I might be eating tonight in my calorie counter and will delete what I don't eat. I just wanted to know ahead of time what I was working with. haha. I'll definitely be way over. It's been several months now that I've been using MyFitnessPal to log and track my progress. It's great having it on my iPhone...and I use the website now too. I've recommended it to a few people and have had a few people added as friends so that we can do this fitness thing together! From what i've noticed on Facebook....lots of people have started using it lately. It helps with their "Get Fit" Resolutions. lol  Hopefully the cartoon I posted above is wrong, and several will last longer than the first week...longer than the first month. Hopefully.

You know I had to post this Classic too. lol

Ok....now, since the news has been going around my office I thought I would share it here too. I told two friends, they've told two friends. lol After all, i'm not worried about anyone sucking up the supply in our neighborhood. lol What am I talking about? Well, Dollarama has....Hawaiian Punch Singles. Yup. Sugar Free. 10 calories. 8 packets are only $1. Good deal considering they've changed several other items in the dollar store to no longer cost a dollar. Furman has been using them for quite a while now but I only just started. I have difficulty with things that contain Aspartame. Gives me headaches, so I have to use in moderation. Caught myself today when I pulled out a box of Allen's Apple Juice Cocktail that I thought I would treat myself to. Only, when I logged it in MyFitnessPal and found that it's total was 440 calories...Oh hell no!  Hawaiian Punch for me today. I had to put that baby down after drinking 250ml. I'll drink it tomorrow or something. I generally don't eat a lot on the weekend. At least I don't think so. I snack more.

Robertson's Candy - Clear Toys
Something I'll be snacking on!  My auntie sent these to me through a colleague from work that goes to the same Bingo she does. Love these. Grew up on them. They are candies that are usually only found in the Maritimes and used to be a Christmas Tradition. "Rock Candy". My auntie found them in a store here the other day and was so surprised that she bought all they had on the shelf. lmao Already logged them too....46 calories. MyFitnessPal App on the iPhone has this neat little feature where you can scan the barcode of the item you are eating and it will input the recorded calories for you. Love it.

Anyways.....have an awesome weekend everybody!!


  1. I'll have to check out that fitness app. I'm very impressed that you work out almost every day, sometimes twice! I definitely struggle with exercising in winter.

    1. The App is awesome!
      You can track EVERYTHING!
      As for the working out every day, It helps that the gym is only downstairs so I really have no excuse...and on my lazy days I have co-workers that kind of encourage me to go with them. Something is better than nothing. Right? lol
      I'm a runner....but don't really run in winter (maybe one day)....so this is my way of doing something. But...i'll be back on the treadmill soon. There are some races I am waiting to sign up for, and I want to be able to do my first half marathon this year. Tall order but...we'll see.


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