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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Feeling Double Crossed By Immigration

Can you believe this crap?

Ok..for those that have been following, I'm sure you will remember Passport Request.  You read correctly just like we did. We had to send in Furmans original passport to LA. Apparently, so they can put a stamp in it and whatnot. According to the forum, so had several others. 

Then, why on earth is this person getting their Passport Request today from the same office, but a different letter that does NOT require their original passport? How did they luck out? Now, i'm Feeling Double Crossed. Lmao. Oh..and notice the copy and paste in their note from their letter about how the change was effective December 1st, 2011. That's right...2011!!  I can understand if this was a recent change. I would still be pissed if the letter said the change was effective December 1st, 2012. lol Our letter came December 12th.  I'm gonna chalk it up to this person getting an old letter. Lol I'm making excuses to make myself feel better. Haha. I do that sometimes. What luck though! Lol

Oh wait.. Hold on..lol Reminds me of a post my sister had on Facebook today:

Yup, soo true. This person was definitely blessed because God is that good. Their entire process was what I had hoped for. Notice, their application was received by Mississauga 5/16, whereas ours was 1/31. Definitely a shorter start to finish for them. But, everything happens for a reason. I'm thinking the Lord was giving Furman and I more time at home together before his process is complete and he is back to work. Yup! That's what i'm thinking. :)  I'm just happy that we are almost done. I know for a fact that Furman is getting bored as heck at home. Just waiting for the safe return of Furmans passport and the Confirmation of Permanent Residency so Furman can LAND.

But hey...I got an email response today from Immigration in LA. lol I was trying to get them to update Furman's mailing address to be our Canadian Address before they attempted to send  his passport back. At the same time, I made sure to include a letter with that information along with the passport anyways. DONE! Their email today was just letting us know that they updated the address. Hey...that confirms that someone looked at our file again. lol 

Anyways....just wanted to blog about this stupidness. You know, the kind of stuff you get from a call center...conflicting information. We don't do that at my job! lol
I've congratulated Nancwilt57 and we will definitely keep the forum updated with our next steps for all those trailing behind us in the process. Have I mentioned how incredibly helpful these forums are? Yeah...think I did...a few times.

Race for the border is on!

 lol...just thought this was cute.
This is my Furman....a Hot Tamale! lol

Have a great weekend everyone. 
First weekend in 2013...do it up good!!

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