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Monday, January 28, 2013

Finally - Allowed to Work in Canada

All set!
Not wasting any time!
Despite the snowy day today, Furman was able to get out to visit Service Canada and apply for his Social Insurance Number that will now permit him to work in Canada. Woo Hoo!
                       Card should be received in the mail in a few weeks.

Crossing THAT off of the To Do List!

For those Immigrating that will be needing to apply.
What you need:
1 - Your signed and stamped copy of your COPR. (Landing papers)
2 - Your Passport
See How to Apply for more details.

Next on the To Do List was Health Coverage!
Word On The Forum-OHIP

We weren't sure how this was going to go. What I mean by that is that many have reported that when applying for OHIP that they were informed it wouldn't be effective until 3 months AFTER the Landing Date. After all, how would you prove that you were here before that time. However, on the website, one of the pieces of ID listed was a monthly bank statement. Well, Furman had that. We had him establish a bank account here last year. So, he's been getting monthly statements. That being said, the thought was that maybe they would allow his OHIP to be effective immediately instead of adding 3 more months of waiting. lol Only way to find out....take everything needed Document List for OHIP (throw in several monthly bank statements just in case) to Service Ontario and find out. So, that's what Furman did.

Low and behold......Furman will have OHIP effective April 25th. Yup...3 months AFTER Landing just like people on the forum said. lol That's just how the cookie crumbles..lol But, at least he's got his application in and everything.
Now....time to work on his Resume so he can join the working world. I know he is excited about that! Hopefully, he can get back into the Travel Industry where he came from. We'll see. Fingers crossed for that.

Apparently, the job he used to have in Miami has an office here in Toronto.
Oh boy...that would be soo ideal!

Staying true to how I like to spruce up my posts...thought i'd end my post by sharing this lovely Disney tune from The Princess and the Frog - Almost There!!

Have a great evening!

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