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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Traveling Passport

Family bonding today. Feels awesome.
A nice lazy day, and excited that I have 3 more to go.
My daughter and hubby have been teaching me how to play PS3. Some game where we are killing Zombies.
The games that people play! Gheez.

I can certainly understand how kids get stuck in front of these games for hours on end. Certainly not a game for younger children. My days of playing video games ended with Mortal Combat and Streetfighter. Lol So yeah, I was a bit rusty and anxious to pick it up so I could fit in. After all, I gotta be the cool mom. Lol But after my fingers got sore from gripping the controller (probably too tightly), as I was pressing random buttons trying to remember what controlled what.

I took a break.

Where is Furmans Passport?
After all, we paid for ExpressPost so we could track this expedited delivery.
Express, yeah right!
And we mailed it from Windsor instead of waiting till we were back in Toronto because we thought that might help. Yeah right, again!

Check it out:

As I was saying....we mailed it from Windsor because we thought it would help. Guess we were wrong there. Lol Maybe we should have just mailed it from Detroit. Who knows?

Notice how our item just backtracked and followed us home, longer than it took "us" to get home. If only I had known! We could have mailed it from home on the 23rd and saved a few days. Smh The lady at the post office told us that mail was being picked up on the 24th. Just look at this travelling passport. Oh well. At least now, it's in the hands of USPS. I'm pretty sure USJFKG is in New York, getting ready to fly out west to LA.

Gee, I wonder if I can get a refund for the EXPRESS service I paid for? Lol I know we are in holiday season and all. I just thought the mail would be moving faster, not slower. They should have changed that Expected Delivery for the holidays. I'm just sayin! I'll keep watching it though. But I know the stress begins when they send it back. That, will be untrackable, yet probably faster.

Guess we kinda know where Furman's passport is.

Anyways....getting back to my family, but I thought i'd take a break from the video game to check the tracking on Furmans Passport and Blog. lol

Looking forward to church tomorrow. Not going to double up though. lol
The next few days...have no clue.
Gotta squeeze in a visit to Mom. She's already missing me. lol I'd love to take her to see the movie

Django Unchained, but it's a long movie and I'm thinking she might not be able to keep still that long. hahaha Those who know her, know what I am talking about. lol

Still have no plans for New Years Eve.
Might have to be a quiet one cuddling with my hubby, which ain't all bad. :)  Save us some $$$$$
Just looking forward to having our first New Years Eve together...whether we are home or out and about.
Besides, everyone in my home has been getting sick with cold (started with me of course)...we might need to stay in to keep rested.

Have an awesome weekend everyone.
God Bless

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