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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Happens When....

Well, I've been pondering Blog next steps the last several days. Since my last post actually.
You know....what happens when we are no longer Bringing Furman Home.
After all, it's been almost a year since I started this blog to begin with. Almost.
And....Furman is almost home - for good.
We are near the end of this Immigration Process.

Not too much longer now, Furman will be a Permanent Resident of Canada.
Not a Citizen...that's a whole other issue and not something we've even discussed yet.
Is this the end of the road for this blog?  Hmmmm?

What is your take?
Should I continue?
Thing too is, if I continue....well, the title of the blog is Bringing Furman Home. Would I need to change the name? If so, to what? I've had others comment that they like the name as it is. lol Me too!
If I do a new blog, it's like completely starting over. Losing readers? I dunno. I've seen people abandon their blogs with a final post just giving the details of where to find their new blog. With my not having been a long time blogger, there is a lot of technical stuff I haven't learned yet too. Stuff, that might make things easier for me in terms of transitioning to something - a little different. I've seen a lot of ideas out there from other blogs that will take me a while to figure out how to do for myself, should I wish to continue. If I continue, I'd definitely go with a new look. New template. I've already been playing around with a few things in case you haven't noticed the addition of the static pages. I guess that kind of lets you know where my head is at...but i'm really not sure. 
Would love to know your thoughts.
I know people generally don't like to comment...but I would really appreciate some. lol

Anyways.....we are still waiting for the return for Furman's Passport from Immigration. It can be any day now. Then, we'll have to plan a day to head to the border for Landing. Will definitely throw in a little cross border shopping while we are at it, get my ring and earrings cleaned/serviced at Jared's, and probably hit The Cheesecake Factory or something for a celebratory lunch or dinner. Following that...will be his getting his Social Insurance Number so he can work, and his OHIP...yup, that free healthcare. But wait...we are getting ahead of ourselves. We are not quite there yet so let me put the breaks on.

To Blog...or Not To Blog?  That is the question!! 

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