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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Missing Miami


Well, Old Man Winter is certainly alive and well. Not only that, but he is awake and hungry! lol
When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was check the temperature outside so that I would know how to dress for work. Well damn.....was I seeing right?

And this is before the WindChill factor. Grrrr
Now don't get me wrong, I am aware that there are other places that got it colder than this. The temperature in Burk's Falls (1st Canada Day Weekend) is -36 (-32F), without the windchill. Oh, and notice that is not too far off from the temperature I shared below of the North Pole! (Notice the "Feels Like"..lol -54, really?) I just had to check it. Yeahhh....No! I'll complain about our -20 and stay far away from Burk's Falls..and the North Pole for that matter. lol I'm just soo happy my car started this morning with no problems, although I miss the remote car starter I used to have.

The North Pole

A few clouds
A few clouds

The trick to dealing with this weather is to layer up! So, that's what I did. For me to go to the gym will be like unpeeling an onion. lol It's hard enough just making trips to the bathroom. Oh well. I'll probably go get my workout on anyways. No slacking off...for any excuse. 

I definitely recommend that people refrain today from the temptation to do this:   
                                 Like seriously!  
If you want your tongue...keep it in your head!

While we are keeping ourselves warm by layering up, turning up the heat, staying indoors....one cannot help but think about the homeless. Prayer for Homeless  

Absolutely breaks my heart. I just can't imagine. I posted a pic because it NEEDS to be seen. It's an epidemic, everywhere. People are freezing to death. Not only do we need to pray for the homeless on these mean cold streets, but we also need to pray for the outreach workers and volunteers that are trying to bring them inside.
I remember one time when we had Church in the City (where we feed the Homeless with a group from church), there was a problem that prevented us from using the building we normally used. What made it worse was that there was a snow storm that evening. It was cold too...but not as cold as today. My daughter wanted to cancel but I wouldn't let her. I reminded her about how the homeless don't have the same option afforded to us. Many of them have to be out there every day because they have nowhere else to go. So, the least we could do was feed them a warm meal in the cold for a few hours. That's exactly what we did. I know she wasn't happy. lol I'll never forget it. We took turns sitting in the car to warm up. The homeless lined up to get a meal being served to them from outside a small bus while it snowed. It was crazy because the snow got worse into the evening. Me...I was on hot chocolate duty that night while my daughter helped with desserts.

Of course I had to take some time out to clown around. After all, when you are facing the cold you gotta make it fun. If you can, right? lol (And no...I wasn't really putting my tongue to the serving utensils. Was just posing for a silly photo)
The desserts were being served out of a smaller van.

No clowning around today. Oh no...it's wayy too cold. I know for a fact that Furman will NOT be heading outside to run. He is probably missing Miami very much right about now. lol I know that I am. :) Nope, no need for him to leave the house till this evening when we head to our Married's Ministry class. Then, he'll get a taste of the crispy crispy air. lol
Welcome to Canada!

Makes me laugh thinking about all the people that have asked us why on earth is Furman moving here? Why are we not moving there? Today, i'm asking myself that same question. lol Although I understand that here, braving this cold weather, is the better choice. If we suffer from frostbite or hypothermia as a result of this cold weather...well hey, that's where free healthcare comes in handy. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

But I am missing Miami. I need a pick me up. A good dose of vitamin D.
And not to mention a kickass southern meal cooked by my motherinlaw! lol

Stay warm people!
And remember....say a prayer for the homeless.

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