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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

YouTubing Around

I've been killing my spare time lately watching YouTube clips of Say Yes To The Dress. lmao  Seriously!

All about women shopping at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City for that dress for their special day. The Wedding Dress! Oh boy...makes me think of the days when I was looking for MY dress. First off...I hate shopping and always have. So, when I needed to look for my dress it was something I stressed about - The process. I watch what these women go through to find their dress and cringe. Some go to the store with like 8 people to help them choose? And the prices they pay? Oh boy. I can't imagine.

When I made the decision to start looking for a wedding dress, my first stop was Davids Bridal (since they were now in Canada), so I made an appointment. Then, I made a plan to check out the bridal stores on Orfus Road where all the good deals are. But, the store was only open on the weekend from what I remember. So, a good friend recommended a store in her neighborhood called Chris and Tina's Bridal Boutique. I was itching to get my body in a dress, ASAP. Since it wasn't too far from work, I figured I would stop by there on the way home. I didn't have an entourage or anything. I went all by my lonesome. After all, I just wanted to have a look. Well, once I got in there and put a couple of dresses on, I got right excited. Why on earth am I alone doing this? So, I called one of my favorite cousins to rescue me. hahaha After all, she's always been so stylish. I would tease her sometimes and say she was Bougie. lol Love her! She has always been like a sister to me since I was raised by her mom for several of my teenage years. Just an overall awesome woman. She was a witness at my wedding too, and the rescuer from the many different wedding dresses that were confusing me. lol

To my rescue she came. She was happy to, and I was happy she was. While I waited for her, I tried on a few more dresses...then I had to stop because it was all so overwhelming. I totally understand how the women in Say Yes To The Dress were feeling. When my cousin got there....everything was better. I tried back on the dresses that I had been looking at to show her. Yup, she was right...they didn't say ME. And then she hit the racks herself to give me some options. Just like some of the people on the show. lol Who needs a bridal consultant when you have a stylish cousin that knows her shit! lol She found my dress actually. I give her all the credit because she deserves it. I tried the dress on that she found and it was very different from the ones I was looking at. I wouldn't dare share photos of what I was considering, considering what I actually purchased - on the spot. lmao First day looking. I didn't break down in tears or anything like some of the women on the show say you should. But, I liked the dress very much. It was me. Loved the color, which wasn't white. Loved how the dress had a detachable long train. It was Classy! And the price....was ridiculous! In a good way. lol I had to get it. Thank you Cuz. Had to cancel my appointment and plans to visit other Bridal shops. I said YES TO THE DRESS!

My OMG moment came on my fitting after I busted my butt for several weeks to lose a few pounds to get a good fit in my dress. It was slim fitting. Thought I could save a few dollars and avoid the pricey alterations, but ended up getting them anyways. Have to blame it on the butt! lol Happy I did because they made it perfect. But, the real tears came at the full fitting at my cousins house. After I got my veil, shoes and several accessories to choose from (my something borrowed), I went to my cousins house for a complete fitting. One of my friends met me there, and her and a couple cousins all helped me choose my earrings, necklace, and bracelet. It was after that moment when I looked in the full length mirror we placed dead center of her living room that I felt the tears. Looking at myself in this dress with veil and everything on. Reality kicked in. I didn't see me. I saw an absolutely beautiful bride that happened to be me. And I didn't even have the wedding day makeup on. lol
What a moment!


Anyways....just thought I would share that experience since it's been on my mind while watching all these episodes of Say Yes To The Dress. lol Can't help but reminisce. Wouldn't change my experience for the world.

I was watching Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares too for a while, but think I've gone through all the American ones I could find on YouTube.
Wasn't really interested in watching the ones he filmed in the UK.

A while back, my obsession was in watching The World's Strictest Parents. hahaha
Now THAT'S a show to watch if you haven't seen it before. Quiet interesting indeed. I'm sure we can all get a few tips here and there. I still have several episodes on the PVR to watch. Something I wanted to do with my daughter. hahahaha I'll definitely get back to them.

Anyways....Happy Hump Day everyone.
Love Wednesdays because it means we are almost there
....and because I have my Marrieds Class at church.
That being said.....gotta go!!

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