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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What We've Been Waiting For! - PPR

Question though....why do they ask you to send photos with your passport when photos are sent along with your application?
As well, and ill search the forum for where I read it but...we are dealing with LA and my hubby is in Canada...it says not to include a return envelope? Doesn't sound safe for Passport.
Any input?"

This is what I posted on the Road to Canada Forum after I got the news. Trying to sort out how to take next steps.
Ok ok...let me slow down a bit. REWIND!

We went to our usual Wednesday evening Marrieds Class at church. Which was absolutely awesome by the way. Talked about Isaac, Rebekkah, Esau and Jacob. But I gotta skip that for now to get my news out. After class we were talking to a couple that had gone through our process already and I just got finished telling them how I was praying we'd get the PPR (passport request) before Christmas. Get home and while unwinding, I hit that little envelope on my iPhone that refreshes my email.
Well don't I see an email from Los Angeles with subject line saying "Request for Passport"!
But not only did I scream...my ass hopped off the bed to run to Furman in the kitchen because he wasn't responding fast enough. Lmao. Now my back hurts.
Anyways....as you can see from what I noted above, we have questions that need answers before we do anything. Just trying to understand a few things. Different offices do different things apparently. We got an office that wants Furmans original passport and not just a copy. But the letter also asked for photos that were already included with the application soooo. In efforts to not mess up and delay this whole thing any longer...trying to get ourselves sorted out. As I've said before, the forum is a wealth of information so it's the first place I'll turn.

Oh, but I had to break the news to Furman that we cannot ship his passport off to LA tomorrow. Lol His Christmas surprise is out of town and he will need his passport for next weekend. Couldn't tell him why exactly but...he'll have to trust me. He is in the system now though, and we have 60 days. Officers at the border will be able to see that and we will definitely take a copy of this letter with us.

December 24th....that Passport will be in the mail. I know Canada Post is busy with Christmas stuff so it should reach LA quickly. Hell...we are shipping Express with confirmation anyways!
New photos? No problem. Original Passport. Definitely no problem. Whatever you want LA. Sending back using regular mail? Don't like...but No Problem.

Let's do this!
Almost there!


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