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Monday, December 24, 2012

Furman's Christmas Surprise

Well....I pulled it off.
Thanks to a wonderful lady friend and her family.

I've been planning this Christmas Gift to Furman for some time now. I mean the plan went way back to before In Advance of your Birthday. Our friend got in contact with me about an NFL Game in Detroit on December 22nd - Falcons vs. Lions. Without hesitation I jumped at the opportunity to secure some tickets to take Furman. After all, the man loves football and it doesn't matter if it's NFL, CFL or whatever. He would love this!! This was the first time I didn't have to worry my pretty little head about what to get this man as a gift too. So, that was the plan. It was a two for one deal actually. We got to visit and hang out with our friends that live in Windsor and all go together, because they were coming too! It was a fluke that the opportunity for CFL Playoff tickets came up after this plan was in place. How is that for a double dose of football in a short period of time? lol

Well, we hightailed it out of the city Saturday morning where the road conditions at home were absolutely horrible. Was not happy to see snow. Low and behold, after driving about 15 minutes on the highway, we were in the clear for the rest of our ride. Oh, but I don't think it was only my neck of the woods that got punished because around Chatham we started counting all the vehicles in the ditches we passed probably from the night before. Oh yeah. About 8 cars and 7 jackknifed tractor trailers. Hope nobody got hurt.

Once in Windsor we got to enjoy a lovely meal with wonderful people. We had previously plotted on how I was going to give Furman the news about the game so I was waiting for "the queue". He had no clue. In fact, he didn't know he was even going to Windsor until I HAD to tell him. We recently received the Passport Request from Immigration and naturally, we'd do what was needed to complete the Immigration Process the next day if we could. But, he needed his passport to cross the border for the game so we had to hold onto his passport a little bit longer. I had to tell him why...just left out the Football Game part. lol

The Queue - Dessert! Yup...our creative friend decided that she was going to serve us ice cream cake that was decorated with a football and said Falcons vs. Lions. When she came toward us with the cake, I gave Furman his Christmas card that was a little mushy but had those football tickets in it. Yup...he was thrilled!! Oh, but to make it even more fun, our friend got us football jersey's to wear too! That was part of the plan. So, Furman got to wear an Atlanta Falcon jersey to cheer for the winning team, and I stuck with cheering for the Home Team - Detroit. lol It was a bit of an inside joke with Furman and I too, because I previously cheered for Boston when he was cheering for Miami in the NBA Playoffs. lol


We definitely made the weekend an experience. We parked the car by the Hilton after we checked in and all took the local bus over the border. I've never done something like that before. It sure saved a lot of headache i'll tell ya! And as usual, there are always some characters on the bus. Can you imagine? Taking the bus so you can drink and not worry about driving. Oh yeah...the bus had characters. Luckily, we had no issues with Immigration on either end. But we were ready for them anyways!

Detroit Lions vs Atlanta Falcons

Unfortunately Detroit lost the game as was kind of expected with Atlanta's current record. But, we had a great time anyways. Furman sat in the middle of a bunch of Lions fans cheering for the opposing team. A spec of red in a sea of blue. lol Not sure how safe that was in Detroit, but he did it and wasn't obnoxious. lol All in good fun.

Overall, it was a great weekend. I'm still sick though. After meeting our friends for breakfast on Sunday we went to visit family of mine for a while. I wouldn't dare go to a town where family lived and not try to visit. No Way! Oh...but we made sure to find Shoppers Drug Mart first. I not only wanted some cold medication, but we wanted to pop Furman's Passport in the mail to the Los Angeles Immigration office as requested. Didn't want to put it off any longer. We sent it ExpressPost so we could track it there. Just sucks that they will send it regular mail back to us because we are in Canada. So, prayers requested for it's safe delivery and return! Let's see how long this takes now.

Now....time to get ready for Christmas!!  Oh boy!
I have to work today and then i'll pick up my mom before I head home and then off to my sister's house for Christmas Eve Dinner. Did I mention that I have no clue when I am going to find time to get my own Christmas Dinner together? Just because i'm visiting doesn't mean I don't need to have dinner. We'll be visiting others on Christmas Day too. It's a crazy season. Certainly not what Furman is used to.  Unfortunately, you can't accept all the visiting invites. My long time childhood friend invited us to Christmas Eve Dinner as well. Problem is, it conflicts with my sister's dinner. As much as I would love to go to my friends dinner, i'm thinking that my sister's dinner would be the right place to be. After all, I gotta think about my mom's happiness too. And after Happy Birthday Mom, I know that us all being together for Christmas Eve Dinner would make mom happy. It's not always about me! Sick or not...i'll go, if at least for a little while.

Wish me luck getting through the evening!  
Hate being sick.
Twas the Night Before Christmas  (Classic)

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