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Friday, December 7, 2012

Immigration Update

Well, I am happy to update that we have finally received the GCMS Notes that we requested.
Access to Information and Privacy. It looks just like the photo shared in the blog post.
And let me tell you...just as expected, they are a bit difficult to understand. Naturally, I was able to go back to the helpful Road to Canada Forum for some assistance. It appears the fellow Floridian tlynn406 has also received hers today too. Surprise, surprise...she is doing no better than I in figuring out this mess. Where are we now? I did find a useful link in another forum that helped me a bit, so I shared it to help her too. Now, i'll share it here also for anyone caught in this Immigration Process that is reading my blog and trying to understand their own GCMS Notes. lol Guide to Understanding GCMS.

In the words of Forum Administrator "computergeek":

They can be a bit tricky to read - they are basically dumps of database records.

Some of the information relates to the creation of things unrelated to your specific application. They are also organized in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest) in each section, which makes it a bit more complicated as well.

Usually the most interesting stuff is at the end (in the "notes" section), but the material at the beginning usually summarizes where your application is (e.g., the various evaluation components).

ASSESSMENTS tells you what has been done thus far from a high level:

Eligibility: Passed
Criminality: Passed
Org Crime:
Medical: Passed
Other Reqs:

Well, me....I didn't skip to the notes for the good stuff. (And they were good..lol. A basic summary of our relationship and that we weren't trying to fraud the system. In other words, ELIGIBLE!) No....I printed and went over every page with a fine tooth comb. Using the Guide I shared above of course. Confused as heck but I got through it and can say....I understand now where our delays were (not on us) and that it really shouldn't be too much longer. Really....it shouldn't!! They got their fees and their documents, all our ducks are lined up in a row...lol

Although our application was received by Immigration January 31st, 2012,.....they really didn't start doing anything until May 7th, 2012. Unbelievable!! In fact, that was when I received confirmation that I was an eligible sponsor Sponsorship Approved... It looks like they were trying to do stuff since that date but our problem, Medicals. I don't know if the Dr sent the medicals late to Immigration or if Immigration in Ottawa that handles the results just had them filed somewhere. As a result....our Medical were not logged as "Received"...causing our delay. Ugh!! But August 31st was a good day for our application....they PASSED Furman on a few of the required criteria, but still had no medicals. On October 16th, it looks like when they went to review our file again and saw that we still didn't have any medicals updated, the officer sent for a medical follow up according to the notes. Probably because they had on file already that the exam was done November 2011. The results are only supposed to be valid for 1 yr!
Although I sent the request for the GCMS Notes around November 9th, the notes received today indicate that the request date is actually November 20th. I guess that is the date the notes were pulled for us. Subsequently, Immigration - Medicals Received. Oh yeah baby!! So, while on these notes received today they are indicating that they are waiting on Medicals, I know they have since been received (probably thanks to that officer sending for a follow up - That helped!!). Now, they can complete Finalization of our application. Just hope that doesn't take much longer. Looks like there are a few more things for them to do. According to the Guide: The normal reasons for delays after Medical/RPRF are Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) security checks or processing errors. I can't imagine Furman having any issues here!

Answer before Christmas? Who knows!! But it definitely would make a wonderful Christmas gift to us both to receive the PPR (Passport Request). That's when they have made their Final Decision and request your passport so they can complete the Permanent Residency Documents. Now I'm not sure why they request the passports because if my memory serves me correctly, he had to send in a copy of his passport with the initial application. Smh. Then again, who knows how they do things. Like I said, our App seemed to have sit around for 4 months before anyone even looked at it!! I'm just saying!!

Have a Blessed Weekend.
We sure will.
Oh...and please continue with your prayers.
Much Appreciated.

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