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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All Set

Soo...after an intense meeting to discuss some serious issues....the stage is all set.
And it all happened over an Eggnog Latte!
As recommended by my sister.
It's didn't taste too bad. Wasn't worth $6 though. lol

Now, my plans are coming together and I have an awesome surprise for my mom for her birthday this coming weekend. Hope it all works out as planned.
Look forward to seeing the smiles on her face.
She has a beautiful smile.
While her smile may not be the same as it used to be, this is the smile I remember:


Now don't pay attention to MY gummy smile....i'm trying to bring your attention to HERS! lol

I won't say anything about what we are upto this weekend because, while my mom doesn't read my blog (she is not a computer person),.....others that have contact with my mom do and have shared. While she enjoys my writing, i'm not trying to spoil something I want to be a surprise!! It'll be like adding the whipped cream to an already very tasty dessert. hahahaha  So mum's the word. She's going to love this one and it NEEDS to be a SURPRISE, a very SNEAKY surprise. lmao
Because my mom can be quite sneaky herself sometimes.

Stay tuned for that update after the weekend.

What is almost also all set...are our Christmas plans.
Can't believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away. Oh boy!
I'll be taking my husband out of town right before Christmas for his surprise. Oh mannnn...can't wait for that too. And I know he reads my blog so I certainly wont give anything away about that. Sorry babes! lol
On our return we will be busy busy busy. Not a lot of time to prepare our own Christmas meal because of when we return, and then our presence is requested at my sisters house for Christmas Eve Dinner. She actually wants me to skip church! Smh. I dunno....I'm gonna have to talk to God about this. I tried to explain the importance of my getting to church for Christmas Eve service but she is thinking that God would understand and want me to miss it for her dinner. Again....Smh. lol
She even played on my love for mom and how happy mom would be.  Oh...she is good!! lmao
Bottom line, I think I've run out of excuses. (Not that I need any) Told her i'd have to try and convince my family to share me for the evening.  BAHAHAHA  I kill me sometimes!
Prayers requested for Gods direction on this one.

When would I cook my own Christmas Dinner?
I certainly can't have my family eating leftovers on Christmas Day! Now don't get me wrong...we did get an invite from some awesome friends for Christmas Day but I think I still need to have some of our own food cooked.

This Christmas is special.
I've started buying all the fixings.
Decisions, decisions!

I'll figure it out. I just want my husband to have a wonderful Christmas. I want us all to have a wonderful Christmas and will do whatever it takes to make it so. Which, is why I am doing a lot of thinking and praying on what to do and how to do it.
Making commitments that I am praying that I can keep.
All in the spirit of Christmas, Love and Family.
And then there is New Years!
What to do....What to do??


One thing at a time.
Mom's birthday!!
My dad's birthday was yesterday. Mailed him a Birthday Card. Heard nothing. That's ok though. lol

Oh...and let me just say a special Thank You to all those workers that have started taking Christmas Holidays to free up Holiday traffic. It has been a real treat getting to work early enough to hit the gym. I'm trying to get a head start on my calorie burning. After all, I don't want to pack on the pounds this Christmas Season. I've blown up enough since I got married...my opinion anyways. lol
That's what love will do to ya. hahaha I know, I know....

What's Love Got To Do With It......Classic!!

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