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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Public Opinion - Dear Anonymous...


I thought I would write this post and dedicate it specifically to the Anonymous idiot that decided to make a nasty comment on one of my blogs. Won't tell you which one...lol Go find it since I allowed it to be published along with my reply...cause you know they'll be back looking for more to read. Their comment was nasty enough that they decided to call a total stranger a horrible parent because my blog posts seem to be all about my husband and not my children. Hilarious!! And, in case this person is someone that is not a stranger but who knows me and just wants to be nasty...that wouldn't surprise me either. I'm used to the love from certain individuals.

Note to Anonymous - READ THE TITLE OF THE BLOG!

Bringing FURMAN home is about my husband and NOT about my children. As a result, I choose not to post about my children for a reason and one of those reason's is their safety from Nuts on the internet. Nuts that post nasty comments and act like they know the person that is writing when they really don't. Hence, why no photos of my children have ever been posted!! Bet you didn't notice that! lol

So, i'm setting the record straight for anyone that might be confused about my blog. It is for entertainment purposes which means I hope and expect to get a laugh out of someone from time to time while at the same time probably giving someone else hope that is also going through the same immigration process that I am. That's it.  The rest of the posts are just to let you know that i'm still around and haven't forgotten about blogging like many people have. And, to give you an idea of how my husband is adjusting to his new life in Canada.  Like I said in my Reply to that nasty persons comment...if you do not like my blog...Bugger off!  You don't need to read it, especially if it's too happy for you.  I've had enough heartbreak and stuff in my life that I don't need to spend my time writing about the bad things. I'm trying to lift people up and not bring people down which was clearly the intent of Anonymous in posting their nasty comment.  It's ok though...because I AM TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED.

Anyways, as I said, the nasty comment and my reply is on one of my blog posts that I allow to be there because everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. If I wasn't able to deal with the nastiness that comes with having things public on the internet then I wouldn't have allowed my blog to be public. Why not delete the nasty comment? Why should I? I'm educated and very articulate if I must say so myself. I think people might enjoy reading the Anonymous comment and then my response. lol So, i'll leave it posted and allow those curious to find which blog Anonymous actually posted their comment on. And besides, i'm a strong woman...i've been through Hell and back and someone's nasty comment is certainly not going to break me today!! haha  Nice try though.

With all this being said, I will say that after the day that I've had....the timing of this idiots comment was pretty funny. It certainly took my mind off of the other things that I've been dealing with. Personal stuff that I haven't been blogging about because they are personal and certainly shouldn't be subject to people that feel no way about posting baseless opinions.


God is good! Everyday!
It's nice to know that people are reading my blog whether they like what I say or not because it at least lets me know that I am not writing for nothing. lol God gave me a talent and i'm using it.

Now....to leave this blog alone for the evening and/or for a few days while I go home to the family that I love. That includes my husband and both my children whether they are at home when I get there or not. One thing my children know is how much I love them. I've been blessed with a wonderful husband that loves them too. I'm not perfect which means i'm not a perfect mother, perfect friend, perfect employee or perfect wife. But, i'm me and know who loves me....so....I take the advice of Dr Seuss....lol



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  1. I agree! I rarely write about negative things that go on in my life too, and if i do i write in a very brief and vague way, similar to what you did!

    What's the point of looking back on your own blog and being reminded of all the awful stuff? Dont need that!


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