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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Call - To Immigration!!

Well, I've been waiting patiently for any type of status update from the Canadian Immigration website.

Update the Application Processing Times to something beyond February 1st for me to feel justified in calling them to ask what on earth is up. But...nothing yet.
Update the Client Application Status so that when I enter Furman's or my own information that I would get some sort of status and/or file# to let me know that something has been happening. But....nothing yet.

So.....I keep checking the website like a madwoman, like it's some sort of obsession....like it's nobody's business.  Still saying prayers for something to happen soon.  I know that God answers prayers so I am trying, and I did say trying....to be patient.  But man oh man...the thought of my hubby having to possibly return home only to visit once again shortly after just pisses me off. Not to mention the wasted money. lol

Then, I caved. I did it! I called them. I sure did. I couldn't take it anymore. I know the website is supposed to update it's status today but after I started thinking.....I picked up the phone. Oh yeah...I was thinking about a previous time when their website updated to say they were working on applications received January 25th or something like that.  I remember accusing them of pulling Canada Post Tricks by not properly updating. Then, when I checked the website the following week I found that they were Going Backwards saying they were working on applications received January 18th.  You remember? Wrote blogs about my frustrations as linked above. lol It's all recorded. Anyways....while waiting for them to update the website today I considered the fact that they could possibly go backwards again. You know they've been known to do that!  lol  So I figured that I would go ahead and give Immigration a call while I could still refer to the website saying that they are working on applications received February 1st. After all, mine was supposedly received January 31st, we haven't heard anything and there was no update online.  Lol


Sonya?  Who knows. lol
When I called, I got Sonya. Nice lady. Have no clue if that's her in the photo I borrowed. lol I doubt it. Her name could be Sonya though. What would the chances of that be? lol  Sonya was very helpful.
I explained to her that the reason for my call was to confirm possible receipt of my application since the website indicates they are working on Feb 1st.  I let her know when mine was supposed to have been received and that I haven't received any communication yet. (Website makes it clear that the call center cannot give information on application status, etc - so I didn't bother ask.) I told her how I took precautions to even send my documents via Express Post for the tracking too.

She took my information and tried to look me up. It didn't sound like she was finding anything.  When she put me on hold, I got a little worried. But, when she came back she started asking for verification of address, etc.  A big smile came on my face. "So that must mean you have received my application" I said. She confirmed and I let out a big sigh. Soo happy. "You don't know how happy that makes me" I told her.  Then, I took it a step further and told her a bit about my husband visiting and about our Run-In with Immigration.  I let her know how we had been instructed to return or hubby had to leave the country because we could not be found in the computer.  That was my way of planting a seed for her to do something if she could. Man, i'm good. (Planting the seed....call center tactic I used to use at work when I was in sales). lol

After listening to my story, she put me on hold so she could "further the application". Yessirree...that's what she said. Wasn't sure what she meant by that but I waited patiently for her to return and let me know.  When she came back to the phone, she asked me for my Immigration receipt number as well as my Canada Post tracking#.  Not sure why she needed that if she already confirmed that they have our stuff. I gave her what she asked for and I think she put me on hold again. I don't know...I was getting excited. lol  When she came back (if she did put me on hold, lol) she explained to me that because of the date the application was received and the date the website indicates they are working on, that she would send a note to Mississauga and leave a note in the system. Oh my....now I get "furthering my application". I was so happy. She reminded me that she didn't have any information on application status and that they would be reviewing my eligibility as a sponsor.  But, she gave me an ID#   OMG! I swear I almost fell off my chair with cheer!  She told me that when we return to the border to make sure to take my Immigration Receipt, Canada Post Tracking confirmation and give them the 8-digit ID# she just gave me.  They should now be able to pull me up in the computer and see that something...is going on.  I have no clue what type of ID# she gave me. After I got off the phone I called Furman right away to tell him. Then while I was blogging, I checked back to the Immigration Website-Client Application Status for more info.  I am gathering that it is the Client ID# (UCI) that I've been waiting for because it is 8-digits with no letters. Apparently the Immigration File# starts with a letter and is followed by a combination of 9 numbers or letters.  I dunno. I tried to insert it as the Client ID on the website to see if anything came up under the Client Application Status...But, nothing.  I dont' care right now.  Did I mention I am finally thrilled - feeling some progress?  I HAVE A NUMBER!! Woo Hoo!!
I'm feeling soo good right now!!

Now, I don't have to worry about Application Processing Time although I will be curious to see what it updates to today.  Will it stay at Feb 1st for another week?  (YES) Will it go backwards? (NO) Like I said, I don't care. lol But I will still keep trying to pull up our info in the system to see what I get in terms of Client Application Status.  Till something comes up....I'm at peace. Now, I can get back to focusing on my upcoming weekend as my husband prepares to run the Goodlife Toronto Marathon on Sunday.  Run Furman Run!

Today - is a good day!


  1. Things are happening!I'm glad it was a good day.

    1. Me too Ma! I'm just praying that we get something in writing before having to report to border immigration. That is what I really want. Then naturally, an answer on the application itself. lol Still saying my prayers and keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  2. Trissy make sure u put them papers in a safe place and don't loose then .Everything takes time l know mine took 2 years but he didn't file right away and this was back in 1996.Im wishing you all the best along with my prayers for both of you. Tell Furman GOOD LUCK on his run.


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