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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Double Dose of Sick!

What a weekend!

I've got to be careful where I take my husband out to eat. After all, he is not covered by OHIP (free Canadian healthcare) while he is visiting. Oh no.  Never been any worries before because he is a very healthy man...but let me tell you this....

Something got to him this weekend.

Oh yeah.....It got to me too!

But, I think it liked him better. lol
Who wouldn't?

Thank God though....my Mom is fine.  That was a big worry. After all, we all ate out together at the same place - Imperial Buffet.  One of the places my mom loves to go to because it is across the street from her favorite place - Bingo.  So Saturday we hung out with mom for a while. Went out to dinner and then actually stayed with her and played Bingo right along with her. Yup..both of us.  Furman got a small four strip book though..so he could keep up.  After all, each game was a $1000 jackpot.  Funny thing was that we had just gotten finished working at a Bingo hall. lol One of the parent duties of my daughters baton club. Love hanging out with mom even if it means playing Bingo with her.

Neither of us won any money. I came close though...sure did.  "O"74 was the next number for $1000, but some Bingo happy patron who was clearly wide awake decided that they would shout out the words I was anxiously awaiting to holler....BINGO!!  lol  And, like a deflated balloon there went my excitement.  Never fails. Oh well.

Furman learned a few tips to help him follow along more easily. That, being the difference between a Randam and DabAll card. lol Took me noticing him checking every card for the number called instead of moving to the next strip of cards after he dabbed a number to realize that this was important information he needed to know. Sorry Furman.

Sunday we got up bright and early and relaxed before getting ready for church.  At church though....Furman wasn't feeling too well. He looked at me in the middle of the Pastor's preaching with a look that let me know something was wrong. I whispered for him to make a quiet exit.  Then, almost at the end of service when they had alter call I noticed that Furman had disappeared again when I was returning to my seat.  Oh boy....my hubby is not well at all.  After church, we went right home.

Food Poisoning.  That's what is was.  I'm pretty sure of it.  What do you do when you start feeling sick? You don't call the Doctor....oh no....you get on Google!! lol  And, that's what I did. I was feeling fine....for most of the day then the evening came.  I guess my body didn't want Furman to endure his pain alone.  I wasn't having the exact same symptoms though.  I felt like I wanted to be ill and was almost tempted to throw some fingers down my throat with hopes that I would feel better. But, the thought of that kept turning me off so I kept relaxing as Furman started to feel a bit better.
While being sick is no joke I have to share that there was a point where I was almost in hysterics at how fast Furman moved.  I mean one minute he was beside me and the next minute he was gone.  All I could do was rush after him and listen for any cries for help.  Poor man. It sucks to see a big man sick.
Eventually, my body gave in to the cry of the toilet.  My throat was very sore for a while after that.

So....our weekend didn't go so well.  My daughter was away for most of the weekend so she missed out on our fun. lol Our plans to head to Canada's Wonderland for Victoria Day were postponed.  While we were much better on Monday than we were on Sunday, we still weren't 100%.  We ended up talking ourselves out of going to just walk around the park and watch others have fun.  Good thing we did because the sickness wasn't quite over yet.  Google says it'll take a few days at least.

There you go! My husband's first Canadian illness - Food Poisoning.

We definitely wont be back at that restaurant for a while, if ever.  We have no clue what it was that did it to us. It was a buffet so it could have been any number of food items.  Whatever it was, it was something that Furman definitely ate more of.  But, I'm back at work today and feeling just fine now. I know he is still on the mend although not 100% quite yet.  Being back at work, I guess that means i'm well enough to play nurse now. lol

Ok...not quite like this.  hahahaha   But I wouldn't tell ya anyways.

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