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Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Marathon Man!

   This is what my husband will be running on Sunday. Yup! He's not new. Oh no...he's done Marathons before. Here in October of 2010 he did the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Half-Marathon Bib#3300, so now he has decided to Upgrade his bling. lol  Marathon it is. A feat I cannot even imagine myself completing anytime soon but I will definitely be there to support him.  So proud of him. He inspires me.

Not sure what I am going to do with my time while he is running though. Think i'll go look for my mom and take her with me to meet him at the finish line.  He says it should take him maybe 4 1/2 hours to complete. I think that's what he told me. So, i'll have to fart around in the city that will already be crippled by streets shut off for the marathon. You know I wont be going too far from the finish line.  lol  I'll find something to do, somewhere to go - with mom.

I expect it to be a long day because once he is finished we have a long drive out to Hamilton to support my daughter and her baton club for their Provincial Competition. Hopefully, we wont be out there too late because I am sure that Furman will be completely exhausted from the run. Thank God I was able to arrange a ride for my daughter to the competition with another parent because i'm not sure how I would have handled the scheduling conflict.  Before we head out to Hamilton, the plan is to stop by my Auntie to get some of her great food and take her along with us for the ride to Hamilton so she can see my daughter twirl. Praying that our timing will be perfect so my auntie can see as much as possible of my girl doing her thing.  She has always wanted to see her twirl but hasn't had the opportunity.  We'll see how it all plays out tomorrow.

Today, we went to the Expo to pick up his Bib# 836 and any free goodies they were offering. He'll be wearing his Miami shirt to represent!  Almost bought myself a parking ticket.  When we were leaving we saw a man around the vehicles where I illegally parked that looked like he was a ticket man.  lol (Hey, I parked there because everybody else did but No...if everybody jumped off the CN Tower I wouldn't follow them. lol) So, while he was talking with another driver parked in the same location, Furman and I sprinted across  the street to hop in the car and make a quick exit.  We sure did! Felt like a Bonnie and Clyde moment. lol  Saved myself $30 with that getaway.  Then we went to visit my auntie and got a three for one deal. Another aunt was visiting with her daughter so we got to hang out with two of my auntie's and my cousin for a bit.

To finish off our evening we went and had a wonderful dinner at The Arkadia House.  One of my cousins gave me a gift certificate for this restaurant for my birthday in October so we decided there was no time like the present to finally check it out. After all, the restaurant was in the city and we live just out of the city.  It was nice. I got to have Swordfish as well as Octopus for the first time.  I swear that with the Octopus, I had no clue what I was eating till I looked at it closer and noticed the tentacles after I had already eaten several pieces. It reminded me of chicken, so finding out it was something from the water was a surprise.  It shouldn't have been since I ordered a seafood platter. lol  Awe man...looking at the photo...I can't believe I ate that. lol But...It was good.

Anyways....I'm off to relax with my hubby so that our big meals can digest.  I guess I can say that I officially have ITIS -
                                               as defined by the Urban Dictionary for those who don't know - The drowsy sleepy feeling you get after eating a large meal.  lmao
Hope everyone is having an awesome and Blessed weekend.  The weather has been great.  Hate to have to miss church tomorrow. But, I know God will forgive me because he always does.  Love him!

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