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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Immigrations Unexpected Surprise

I wasn't planning on blogging till after the weekend but I was up early and after a wonderful day yesterday I had to share.

I completed my Starbucks Run for Women10k with a time of 1:10:13. Let me tell you, it was a task. The route we ran was beautiful through the small town of Unionville and in their trails.  We were lucky to have awesome weather too but mannnn, it was hot! I've now learned that running when there is a bit of a chill outside is much better than running in the heat.  It was hot! I swear it felt like the heat was sucking my energy. Yet, I ended up doing much better with my time than I felt I was doing during my run.  I stopped and walked a few times so that is what added the 5 minutes that would have matched my Toronto Yonge St 10k.  My cousin took this lovely shot of me headed to the finish line. And when I got there... This is my Bling!  Love it. It's different from all the others I've gotten. It's all about the bling I tell ya!

Right after the run we headed to Niagara Falls to go deal with Immigration.  Remember our Run-In with Immigration?  Yeah...we were almost at our May 15th deadline that they gave us to return by so we kinda had to head out there after the run unless we left it for Mother's Day.  I'm glad we went to take care of it when we did, sweaty and all!

Anyways, we got the the border and explained to the US border agent why we were making the trip.  After he let us cross, instead of making a quick u-turn, we drove onto Niagara Falls Blvd to do a little shopping.  When I say a little, I mean a little because we really didn't have a shopping list of things we wanted to pick up.  We actually only went to Tops and picked up a few grocery items like Red Velvet cake mix and some special flavored Pop Tarts that you can't buy in Canada. lol We wanted to go to La Nova for some famous Buffalo Wings but it was 20 minutes away from where we were and really made no sense. So, we made a u-turn and just headed back to the Rainbow Bridge to deal with Immigration.

At the bridge we told the Canadian Border agent why we made our trip and what we purchased in the short amount of time we were in the US and he allowed us to park and head in to see Immigration with our documents.  It was funny when we walked in and saw the same jerk or an agent that gave us the hard time in the first place making us return. But, after standing in line for only a minute, we ended up speaking to a different Immigration Agent seated only a few seats from him. Naturally, Furman was prepared with everything the agent requested and then some. With each request for a document Furman handed something over one at a time. lol He didn't just give him a pile of documents. He gave the agent his passport, our marriage certificate, email from Immigration approving sponsorship, Furman's bank statements to show he can support himself while in Canada and Furman's flight itinerary showing his planned return for August 27th. Then, we sat and waited for not even 10 minutes. When we were called to the counter we received our BLESSING.  The Immigration Agent advised Furman that he went ahead and approved a Visitor Record for him to stay for 1 year.  Yup...I heard right! 1 year! That's up to May 11th, 2013.
I was in shock at what I heard.  After all, we told him that Furman was planning to return to the US in August. I expected him to approve the remainder of his stay and give a visitor record dated for August but boy was I wrong and I am happy that I was. What a blessing!! Told you...Nobody gonna come between me and my man!!  haha (back in my Rachel from Big Brother voice lol) Our drive home was a very very happy one. We left the border and headed right o my Auntie house because her son and daughter-in-law were having a bbq for her birthday. We ended our evening hanging out with several members of my extended family and had a great night. It was a momentous occasion because my Aunt's son and wife had never held an event that included our family.  Things turned out great although someone forgot the birthday cake. lol But they did a great job. The food was great. I don't know how she seasoned that chicken but it was very tasty. The backyard was all cleaned up and nice too.  Like I said, we had a great evening. Thank to them for the invite and having the event. A few people spoiled what was supposed to be a surprise to my aunt...but it was all good.

Today is Mother's Day and i'm getting ready to get my mom for church as I mentioned in my previous blog. But I really just wanted to share what happened with Immigration because I am soo happy and feeling soo blessed. That is an awesome Mother's Day gift for me.  God is soo good and continues to remind me just how good he is. I thank you Father!

Again, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Have a Blessed day - I know I will.

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