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Thursday, May 2, 2013

15 and Counting....

Well, I celebrated my 15 year office anniversary yesterday.
It's actually not until the weekend, but the boss was in town with my gift.
(Don't worry, she wasn't making a special trip for me. lol)
  Oh, and in usual fashion, the company has it BRANDED under the face. lol 
She works in a different office and doesn't visit us very much. Now that's definitely a good thing. But, I was kind of expecting that she'd be around to deliver my tokens of service in person. I got a 15yr pin too. Oh, and a desk clock complimentary from our VP of Operations.
The watch - I actually ordered it from a catalogue that our company gives u, to choose items to mark your anniversary. All within a specific price range of course. Lol. How much do you think they should spend on an employee that has only worked 15 yrs? :) As you can see, I chose the Guess Watch. Price it out...that will give you the answer to the question I just asked. lol I'm certainly not complaining. Trust me on that one. It's a bit different from the one that my husband bought me (round face as opposed to rectangular, and silver face as opposed to black), but just as blingy to match my ring. lol. Who doesn't love the bling?
15 years and counting....my oh my...it seems like forever.
People that get hired with my company seem to never leave until they have to. I've learned myself, that if you don't get out within the first two years, you are kind of stuck. The pay and benefits are just too good. lol
So here I am!
You know what though....while 15 years may sound like a lot, for reasons I just explained, it leaves me near the bottom of the totem pole of seniority. That part sucks! It really does. I get last choice in everything (at least in my group)  and will be one of the first to go if my department ever gets hit with cuts. How's that for 15 years? But we all know that there is no job security ANYWHERE! That being said, I love my job...except for the politics that I will not talk about because I love my job. lol And, expect to be here for many more years to come. Hey, i'm that much closer to earning an extra week of vacation. lol Think I have a few more years to go. What ever will I do with another week? lol

I went to see an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist today. I gotta write about it because this Dr is amazing. My family Dr first referred me to a specialist in early 2012 after I had gone to him with some problems I was having: constant headaches, trouble breathing, congestion, nasal drip creating problems sleeping. Well, after waiting a long time to just get an appt, I had to wait even longer for the appt to come around. Low and behold, a few days before the appt, the Specialists office contacted me to cancel the appointment and advised that they would call me back to re-book. That, they never did! So, I went back to my family Dr to find out who I was supposed to be seeing and that took more time. Got another referral, but I was adamant that I didn't want to be referred to the same Dr.. So, when they asked me if I had a Dr in mind, I ended up getting a recommendation from a dear friend. Thanks girl!! Within 48 hours of my giving the name of the Dr I wanted to see to my own Dr, I had a call to set up an appt that was within the same week.

This morning, I was at this Dr's office all bright eye and bushy tailed before work. When he sat me in the office, I got nervous. There wasn't much in there. But, I did notice what I now know to be called a Nasal Endoscope. Something like that. I stared at this thing wondering if he was going to use that on me. Is he going to put me to sleep? What is he going to do?
Well let me tell you....He used the damn thing...and I was wide awake while he did it. lol It was quite the experience. (E! E! E!) Not something I necessarily want to do again. I'll save you the YouTube video demonstrations!  yuck
I wasn't nervous! Hell yeah I was! But I knew I was in good hands. Word has it that this Dr used to work for Mother Teresa in Kolkata, India so he knows his stuff. When all was said and done...after getting the answers to a few questions he asked me and after seeing what he needed to see live and direct....he knew what the problem was and said he would fix me up within 2 months! Soo excited! So he gave me a prescription for his "Special Potion". lol No Lies! (Was actually written on the Rx) Something to take in the morning and at night and then something different to use in the car and while at work. Oh...and I need to start sleeping with a Humidifier. At least while he fixes me up over the next few months.

I'll be able to breathe properly!! Just might help my running too! Trust me, i'm sure this makes my husband very happy too. A healthy wife is a happy life right?

On that note, the appt I have next week is the one that i'm most stressed about. But...I wont say anymore about THAT until it's all said and done. Once we get through the struggle, then we can share the Victory!

I absolutely HATE THIS PICTURE...lol
But thought I would share it anyways.You know, to get my point across.

Well, Happy Thursday! You know what day it is....Second Class.

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